10 Best Online Programming Educational Platforms

Which courses to attend to do my programming homework perfectly?

Many things have changed in the world since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Now students are used to getting an education online. There are endless options to improve your knowledge without even leaving your house. “How to improve my coding skills to do my programming homework excellent?” – By asking themselves such a question, students are continuously looking for opportunities to widen their knowledge because coding tasks are tricky. Thanks to online learning platforms, getting additional education in coding is reachable almost for anyone. Even money is not a problem nowadays as there are practical free lessons and courses as well. 

We have collected a list of the best online programming educational platforms for students looking for new educational opportunities and existing learning programs. Our selection would also be interesting to those who want to try their chances in learning a new area of programming. Read on the detailed information below.

  • Code

An educational platform that allows learning numerous programming disciplines. This website has a high demand among students thanks to its vast network of partners, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other giants in the information technologies industry. Moreover, the Code platform established an Hour of Coding – a perfect worldwide imitative that aims to encourage students from schools, colleges, and universities to join the marvelous world of professional coding.

  • Udacity

The focus of Udacity is programming, data analysis, cybersecurity, databases, and other areas of the field of informational technologies. Programming is the focus of the platform; there is an ability to select the needed course from a wide range of options. The platform is oriented more on skilled programmers and willing to pursue a career in an informational technologies field. Among the learning programs are product management, data analysis, and more. After completing a class at Udacity, students can opt to select job opportunities listed on the website.

  • Codecademy

This is a great online resource for students who are willing to improve their practical programming skills. If you want to boost your knowledge in any programming language, you will find many valuable courses and helpful tips. if ivermectin freezes Ruby, PHP, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and other languages are possible to learn within Codecademy educational platform. In total, the platform offers free learning for the twelve most widespread programming languages. This option would work best for beginners. For example, if a student wants to switch his specialization and has doubts about code effectively, he or she could code effectively.

  • Coursera

This educational platform is a very well-known one to date. Useful interface and easy navigation allow arranging the desired courses and easily find the desired one among hundreds. Coursera allows learning free, and if the student wants to get certificates that prove his or her knowledge, there are paid options. Coursera collaborates with Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM, and many other industry giants. Effective collaboration with the world-recognized educational establishments allows the platform to stand out.

  • Academic Earth

This platform established in 2009 still stands out among others. Such solid educational establishments as Oxford, Yale, Stanford, and others recognize Academic Earth. The focus of this educational platform is dynamically growing fields, mainly informational technologies, databases, web development, communications, and others. The Academic Earth educational platform concept gives students the ability to widen their knowledge by receiving academic-level courses free. Easy-to-understand video lectures from professors of prominent colleges are assessable from various countries.

  • Udemy

Udemy is a multipurpose educational platform that allows getting additional knowledge easily and fast. More than 40 billion students have access to effective learning and can choose the best for them from 155,000 courses in numerous disciplines. By selecting Udemy, you would get to choose from several programming courses. For example, you can choose a JavaScript programming course for beginners or select a course that teaches skilled developers to code in Java. The platform is positioning itself as the most comprehensive online course platform in the world.

  • Stanford Online

Not all students know that even while studying programming in another educational establishment, they can attend certification course lessons from reputable universities. One of the most recognized institutions globally, Stanford Univesity, has various programs that are possible to study remotely. After students finish the course, they get an official certificate.

  • Khan Academy

The platform offers an impressive selection of various disciplines. Courses in the field of information technologies are among the learning programs in high demand. To date, Khan Academy is highly ranked among other world-renown non-commercial educational resources for students. The website is in collaboration with various colleges and continuously widens the net of partners. Knah Academy encourages teachers to register on the website, offering them multiple ideas on improving the effectiveness of the lessons.

  • edX

edX is an online platform that provides students with a perfect opportunity to receive knowledge from Harvard and other valuable educational establishments free. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology established this platform with an open code to help students who face difficulties with studies and learn more. The platform allows attending free courses in the areas of engineering, computer science, and others.

  • Alison

The platform provides endless opportunities for students and for people who are already building their careers. There are various options of disciplines and programs to choose. Students can opt for a course with certification and get approval for the improvement of their skills. ivermectina veterinaria em humanos There are many options for free classes.

Wrap up

When students start learning to program, they do not quite imagine how challenging this process could be. However, there are various ways out of frustration. albendazole & ivermectin Many students are looking for opportunities to boost their programming skills. Attending online courses from a solid educational platform is a tremendous and ecological choice. Many perfect resources on the Web allow getting solid knowledge in the coding area. Among them are edX, Coursera, Code, Khan Academy, and many others. We believe that our selection of the best among them would hint at boosting your skills and improving your grades. We wish you luck!


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