7 Design Hacks to Improve Your Startup Logo Designs

A startup has to go a long way to turn itself into an established business. So, among other things, a logo for a startup is of great importance. But many people either neglect it or get it designed out of a hurry.

When you get a logo, you create a way of communication between your brand and customers. Besides telling people who you are as a company, a logo also shows them that you are trustworthy. That’s why brands like Apple, Amazon, IBM, McDonald’s, etc., have recognizable brandmark that customers identify from far away.

Developing a logo is challenging but not impossible. Keep on reading to know some design hacks to create a custom logo design for your startup.

  1. Know your brand inside out

Before you jump-start your logo design, make sure you have some information regarding the brand. Always keep in mind that your logo should communicate to your target audience. It would create an interaction between your business and them, hence, fostering a relationship. Write down everything about your brand, what it’s all about, and more. can you buy ivermectin at a feed store Find out the ideology, mission, and goals of your brand.

It’s also vital to know your brand’s personality- how you want to project it in front of your target audience. You should keep all these details handy before starting with the logo design part. Such things work as a guide in logo creation. The elements that you pick for your logo will be based on the information of your brand.

  1. Use the right color scheme

Colors are used to convey sentiments. The right use of color in logo design helps the audience understand your brand’s message. The colors that you choose entirely depend on the industry your business belongs to.

Let’s have a look at some popular colors used in logo design for branding purposes.

Red: It’s about showing the spirit, excitement, and more. Companies dealing with food and beverages mostly use this color.

Black: Black is the color of luxury brands. Like Gucci, Chanel, etc., big names use this color as they cater to the elite class customers. The color showcases supremacy.

Blue: Larger businesses, travel companies, and luxury brands often use blue color. It exudes sophistication and showcases serious business, royalty, and trust.

Yellow: It’s considered the happiest color for brands. Startups or brands that sell consumer products and create a sense of possession use this color. Using yellow in logos shows off warmth, fun vibes, and reliability.

Green: This color is often related to organic brands, makeup companies, and children-related product companies. It stands for a nature-friendly and ethical sense.

The understanding of the color palette is essential for your startup. Be very clear about the vibe you want to ooze with your custom logo design.

You can choose from various color options and work with the one that relates to your industry. Remember, brand recognition doesn’t only come from name but name too. The colors you choose for your logo play a pivotal role. It also showcases what the brand is all about. ivermectina praziquantel perros Each color has its own personality, so you must choose the most relevant ones for your logo. The right color increases the attractiveness of the logo as well.

  1. Consider visual consistency

Your brand logo should be consistent in all aspects. Its design should be clear. The graphic and text elements should be complementing. But instilling visual consistency in a logo design isn’t easy. It can take months to practice it if you don’t have the right design tools in hand.

You can visit Designhill to get inspiration for the most consistent logo designs.

Highlight certain elements in the logo!

If you want your startup logo designs to be successful, we recommend highlighting certain elements in the logo. For instance, in the famous FIFA game logo, you would see that the text highlighted and elaborates the overall design. In addition, you must know that this hack would help your logo popup and be different from your competition.

  1. Choose logotype

Logos have various types. Some are text-based, some are icon-based, and some are a combination of both. fluke worm ivermectin Logos of Apple, IBM, CocaCola, Microsoft, Amazon, McDonald’s, etc., can give you a better example of the same.

A text-based logo will have your company name visible to the customers instantly. This way, your logo will advertise your brand. This is great for startups.

On the other hand, a symbol will need a dedicated budget to generate awareness about your brand. For example, McDonald’s uses the golden arch as their business symbol. People recognize it from afar by seeing its golden arch.

You can think of a logo, either one or a combination of symbols and text, depending on your business needs.

  1. Make sure your company name and icon are well-paired

Well, it’s the essential tip when it comes to creating a logo for your startup. If you have chosen a text and an icon for your logo, make sure you pick the best combinations. The logo should go well with your brand message, and it should also be aligned with the symbol.

  1. Avoid using a misleading letter

People often ignore it, but it’s something you should pay close attention to. Letter case can create a confusing situation for the customer. For example, the letter ‘i’ and ‘l’ (small L) don’t look different when used together. So, it’s essential to use letter cases that are not confusing.

Always brainstorm and spend time on ideation

Before you make a logo, it’s imperative to know its purpose, usage, and places you’re going to use it. You also have to ensure that it should work across every channel. Knowing well where your brandmark is going to be used will accelerate the design process. For example, if you know that it will be used on a business card, you will have to make sure all the elements fit that tiny card.

Brainstorming is vital to find the answers to all these questions. Take some time for research and ideation. Then, check competitors for more design inspiration. A competitive analysis will help you find out what kinds of logos are in and what is out.


Your logo isn’t just a symbol or image; it’s the face of your business. Almost everyone, right from your customers to competitors, will associate it with your business. Therefore, it needs to be meaningful, memorable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Designing an effective logo isn’t easy. It takes a good logo to stick into people’s minds for longer. However, you can take help from earlier tips and tricks to design a logo that stands out.

If you have any other tip, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.


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