The Most Significant Feature of Animal Crossing New Horizons

Games always carry people’s grand fantasies, but some people pay attention to and thirst for daily life itself. Many well-known game manufacturers will from time to time focus on idyllic, childhood, afternoons, travel and other refreshing life fragments, and develop products with this theme. There is no bloody fighting, no level training to catch up with the progress, no game competition, and some are just the daily trivial artistic processing. Up to now, such “alien” is still remembered by many players.

Animal Crossing game player, which was last year’s fire on the NS platform, was played by many players as punch card at work. But its cute and fresh style focused on Animal Crossing bell earning and items collecting, fishing and vegetable dishes, and it had a strong sense of daily attendance. Living with animals sounds like a fairy tale, but in it, we can experience the fresh and vivid pastoral life. From the first work on N64 in 2001, the Animal Crossing New Horizons established a series of unified keynote. The game maintains a consistent time flow with real life, and takes the delicate life slice as the playing method to encourage players to feel every moment rather than achieve any achievements. Isn’t the leisure, lovely and daily life on the island the reason why we love ACNH?

These warm and delicate strokes make players who are used to taking tension and stimulation as the main sensory feedback feel the leisure time that is very scarce in real life. We are all living people. Our life often has no grand narrative. Can’t a cup of tea, a book, basking in the sun and rolling cats be the theme of life? You can find the ACNH item exactly same as it in real life. It is from this perspective that the Games depicting daily life hit the softest corner in our hearts. No matter how deep they play, whether they have complex play cycles or only simple collection elements, the creators of such games are trying to express their thoughts on daily life through this theme. If many games are stimulating the player’s senses or competitive heart, such games put the player’s emotional experience in the first place.

What kind of game is it? You have a group of lovely animal Islanders with different personalities, and human friends will come to this parallel time and space to interact with you – although you may have been out of touch in the real world for 800 years.

The game type of New Horizons is completely new, the perspective is fixed, and the operation is monotonous. Although IP has been popular for a long time, it is not as popular as Zelda and Mario. This year, it has finally conquered global players with extreme warmth, exquisite emotion and open and free extensibility. The passage of time in moving forest is synchronized with reality. In April, ACNH successively launched the theme activities of cherry blossom season, Easter and fishing competition. There was a beautiful rain of petals in the sky. You can go to the beach every day to watch the sunrise and sunset, and enjoy the same string moon and full moon as in reality. If you plant a seed, it will take several days to germinate and blossom. You order an express and it won’t be delivered home until the next morning. It also takes time to move a piece of land and expand a house. More ACNH events and news will be updated at MTMMO.


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