4 Best SaaS Products That Successful Digital Marketing Agencies Use

SaaS Products are the hottest conversation topic in the market right now!

Whichever online Digital community you visit everyone is talking about their favorite SaaS products and that product is making their lives easier.

Today we even have certain SaaS marketplaces like PitchGround, AppSumo, and more where they have enlisted dozens of SaaS products categorically.

SaaS Startups and Digital Marketing Agencies are unlocking their full potential as they leverage these amazing SaaS products in their organization.

SaaS products are tailor-made to boost efficiency in areas where unnecessary repetitive human labor is required.

In this article, I will enlist some amazing SaaS products that Digital Agencies are using and being productive

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an amazing communication & cloud storage tool that agencies are using to manage the company communication and share the files securely over the cloud.

The great thing about Microsoft teams is that more than 90% of corporations worldwide use office 365 backup tools like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel for their day-to-day tasks.

Microsoft Teams is also a product of Microsoft so it all syncs up together pretty well.

Using Microsoft Teams, teammates can share Office365 files as a SharePoint link in teams, they can store the files on OneDrive which is again a Microsoft Product, for email communication they can use Outlook which is yet again a Microsoft product.

As with video conferencing and teleconferencing, Microsoft Teams comes with that functionality that teams can right away call each other from the software, share screens, and engage in video conferencing too.

What’s more? There is calendar functionality too allowing teams to schedule meeting within and even outside of the company.

2. Frase

Search Engine Optimization processes are gravitating more towards the on-page SEO side of things, especially content.

And the algorithm is no longer the same that it once used to be. The focus from a keyword, LSI repetition has shifted to topic and entity optimization.

That’s where Frase comes to your rescue, Frase is an A. I powered tool you can plan your content before assigning it to the writer factoring in elements like entities & topic optimization.

The idea with entity/topic optimization is that Google wants to see a number of entities on a page to rank it for the said search query and search intent.

There is a manual way of doing this which involves copying the content of the top 10 results and manually checking entities of each on the Google NLP tool (this is a tedious way just so you know).


You can leverage Frase, what Frase does is that you can specify the search query and target location, and based on that it will scrape top 10 competitors and get the common entities that it is finding in them and it will recommend you to leverage those entities. Now this saves a ton of time and it has been proven that using the entities Frase suggests moves the needle on the SERP.

3. Publer

Publer is not your traditional Buffer that you use for social media scheduling.

What’s more, in Publer is that you can schedule posts on more platforms. Publer supports platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

Yes, you got that right, using Publer you can also schedule the Google Posts that you have to publish on your Google My Business Listing.

Supporting more platforms is in the pipeline but until then you can use Zapier webhooks to accomplish that.

Some of the other things it will help you with are social media posts analysis, team collaboration and they do have a browser extension to make things more convenient for you. 

4. SEMrush

One of the digital marketing services that a lot of digital agencies offer is search engine optimization considering how effective it is for businesses.

A lot of agencies are using SEMrush to manage their SEO campaigns. There are many reasons to love SEMrush.

What I love the most about SEMrush is the fact that it’s not just an SEO tool but more than that it’s a marketing tool.

SEMrush will help you manage the routine SEO process like Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO Audit, Keyword Rank Tracking the tool carries automations like integration to Trello and has Google Data Studio integration which makes life more convenient.

More than the SEO side of things, SEMrush also offers Amazon Listing management, Local Citation Management, Display Advertising, and performance marketing research.

Apart from these, they do have additional tools helping you with content writing marketplace, Digital PR, SEO A/B Testing.

What makes SEMrush a great tool is that its capabilities are not just limited to SEO but it’s more of a marketing suite for you.

Not to mention, SEMrush is a constantly evolving tool in every few months they come with a useful update.


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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