A Comprehensive Guide to PFOA Free Frying Pans

Nonstick pots and pans are common appliances in most kitchens today. With them, frying eggs, turning sausages and even flipping pancakes are made easier. However, non-stick pans such as Teflon have been a source of contention.

Some people believe they’re toxic and have been connected to diseases like cancer, while others claim that using nonstick cookware is perfectly safe. Those who believe that they are toxic believe they contain PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). 

These are synthetic compounds that are used in making Teflon and can be found in other home products apart from frying pans. Today, many PFAS are restricted from manufacture due to their potential risks, and the Biden administration aims to ban them from drinking water. 

However, this does not rule out the possibility of coming in touch with such toxins. As such, you have to take action to reduce your PFAS exposure. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on PFOA Free Frying Pans

What Is PFOA (And Why Not to Cook With It)?

The coatings of non-stick pans, such as Teflon pans and other non-stick brands, have been causing a lot of concern recently. This is due to the usage of PFOA and PTFE, both man-made chemicals, in the production of non-stick cookware. 

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), popularly known as Teflon, is the substance used to coat nonstick cookware. For the past decade, the safety of nonstick cookware has been under examination. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a chemical that was once utilized in the production of Teflon. It’s been related to renal and liver disorders, among other things. Since 2013, however, all Teflon products have been PFOA-free.

Are PTFE and PFOA Similar?

The terms PTFE and PFOA are frequently interchanged. However, they are different compounds. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an inert material that does not react with food. The safety of PTFE has been scientifically established by the world’s most prestigious health authorities. On the other hand, PFOA: Perfluorooctanoic acid is a chemical compound that is still utilized by some businesses and is suspected of causing health problems. 

Why Should You Avoid PFOA Free Frying Pans? Health Effects of PFOA 

High levels of exposure may cause:

  • Pregnancy blood pressure changes
  • Cholesterol alterations
  • Ulcerative colitis 
  • Immune system problems.
  • Damage to the liver
  • Thyroid disorders

What Is PFOA-Free Nonstick Cookware?

When you notice “PFOA free” in a cookware’s marketing message, it simply signifies that the chemical PFOA was not utilized in the non-stick coating’s production process. The nonstick coating is instead made of PTFE (commonly known as Teflon), a chemical that makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013.

What Are the Best PFOA Free Frying Pans?

Most cookware is generally safe. But there are recommended materials that are the best PFOA free frying pans. Here are some options:

  • Pure Ceramic Cookware 

This type of cookware is constructed entirely of one material: ceramic. It may be the safest cookware available. Ceramic is ideal for low and slow cooking, and it also has a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron is a kitchen classic that has been there since time immemorial. It holds heat like no other and is a master at searing. While cast iron cookware is generally safe to use, people who are sensitive to iron should consult their doctors. 

  • Stainless steel

Because it can last a lifetime and take a hammering, it’s a workhorse for both professional and residential kitchens. Look for recognized brands that use food-grade stainless steel and conduct Prop 65-compliant third-party lab testing.

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is relatively new to the American home chef. It is however quite popular in professional kitchens and France. It is very adaptable and combines the warmth of cast iron with the lightness of stainless steel. When used to cook with acidic components, this material, like cast iron, may leach iron into your dish.

Choose PFOA Free Cookware

We may not know for sure whether PFOA is safe for humans, but we all know that safe is better than sorry. In light of this, PFOA-free frying pans are the best choice to reduce toxins and stay healthy. With cancer being as common as it is today, it is high time that people do everything in their control to stay healthy.

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