Are Benzoyl Peroxide Patches For Acne Actually Effective?

We’ve all been there. Trying not to pick that spot that’s just crying to be picked! You tend to lose logical thought when whitehead breakouts occur, so it’s to be expected. One solution you have heard of are benzoyl peroxide patches, which have got some rave reviews if you check online. 

Also known colloquially as zit stickers and pimple covers, depending on where you’re from, these seemingly nifty little patches work by soothing the area while also protecting it. They’re available over the counter too, so it beggars the question – are they effective?

By reading on, we hope to find out. 

How Exactly Do Benzoyl Peroxide Patches Work?

These zit patches are recognisable in that they look like little circular band aids that have this wonderful goo underneath that does all the magic. This gel contains something known as hydrocolloid which forms a protective barrier that keeps everything clean while accelerating healing.  

They’re also said to absorb pimple drainage (sounds awful, we know, but what can you do?) that allows inflammation to be controlled. Ideally, you’ll be using these patches on healing cysts, papules and pustules. 

Are They Simple Enough to Use?

We don’t want to come off patronizing, as we know you know how to put on a plaster, however, it’s important to give the area a gentle clean and dry before putting it on. Once in place over the area, your benzoyl peroxide patches will start to do their work, needing to be worn for around 4-5 hours. 

When we tried them, we saw that after a few minutes they were almost invisible, so it’s not really an issue if you want to go out. It’s worth reiterating that your skin needs to be dry, as it won’t bond with it otherwise.

Are They Ideal For Everyone?

Most, yes, however, if you’ve skin that’s sensitive to adhesive, they might not be recommended. They need a little to stick to the skin and it can end up making the problem worse as a result. what happens if you give a heartworm positive dog ivermectin In the interest of balance, their use is limited to spots that are near the surface. how long is ivermectin effective If you’ve active bumps or deeper lesions, they’re not going to do a lot to stop them coming through. 

They don’t unclog pores either, as they’re just there to help the healing process. They’re great at what they do, but that’s all they’re designed to do. ivermectin covid studies cdc

So, What Do You Do For Deeper Lesions?

While using your patches at the right time – i.e. when breakouts have ‘broken out’, you can attack your deeper cysts and the like with a topical vitamin A cream. Non-comedogenic salicylic acid products can also be helpful, meaning your regular daily cleansers. 

So, What’s the Verdict On the Benzoyl Peroxide Patches?

Don’t be put off from using these great little healing patches, as all we’re trying to say is that you should use the right product for the right problem. Your patches are going to do a great job if you’re looking to soothe and heal whiteheads. But that is all they’ll do.

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