Artificial intelligence and its recent development

We have always heard that humans have a brain that provides them with decision-making abilities, unlike machines. However, technological development in recent times has proved that specific intelligence is found in machines, which provides them with a sense of their environment and goals. 

When machines depict signs of intelligence by mimicking human cognitive skills, we call it artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence enables machines to display problem-solving characteristics, just like humans when needed. 

Today, we see every smart device equipped with AI, whether it be your smartphone, television, or even your car. All these devices can assess their environment and take steps to solve problems using their intelligence. 

One basic example of AI in our smartphones is their ability to be unlocked through our biometrics, for example, fingerprints and face recognition. However, you must be thinking about where the concept of AI started. 

To answer that question, let us take you back to 1943. That’s where the first traces of AI can be found. After that, more work was done on the initial concepts, which finally led to the birth of the field of AI research in 1956. In the later decades, the approach upon which AI stood was doubted. Finally, in the 1990s, AI restored its reputation. 

From there onward, work was being done on the development of AI. However, 2015 acts as a landmark in the history of AI. Since that year, the number of software projects using AI inside Google increased. This was the major milestone in the history of AI, after which it truly flourished. 

Recently, the usage of AI has increased in the business industry. Currently, 37% of businesses use AI to carry out their operations. In recent years, AI has been used by different businesses. For example, it has been used in smart devices to carry out the function of speech and face recognition. Moreover, the automobile industry has used AI for navigation and auto-pilot functions. 

Besides that, the entertainment industry is using AI to produce art. Since the usage of AI has increased so significantly recently, the demand for computer scientists has also increased. To meet the demand for computer scientists, universities, such as Worcester Polytechnic Institute, offer different online master’s of computer science to meet that growing demand. 


Artificial intelligence has emerged as a new phenomenon in recent times. Many people believe that it was nowhere a few decades back, and suddenly it emerged on the scene. Well, that’s not true. 

The roots of AI can be found in the early 1940s. However, the application of AI can be seen more in recent times. Currently, many businesses are using AI to carry out their business operations. Such high usage of AI has also increased the demand for computer scientists. However, to meet that demand, universities offer several courses. Hence, this is an ideal time to enter the field of computer science. 

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