CHARACTERISTICS: which stationary bike to buy?

Personal needs – Storage and handling

One of the most important considerations when it comes to knowing which exercise bike to buy is to look at its measurements for both training and storage. Once we have consulted the measures, we must think about where the exercise is going to be carried out and where in the house it is going to be stored. It should also be considered whether those two spaces are far apart. If that is the case, we should consider buying an exercise bike with wheels that weighs little. 

Therefore, one of the characteristics to take into account is its dimensions; it must be compensated with other characteristics of the bicycle. If you have little space, you should consider buying a folding exercise bike as your first option. 


For everything it is important to be comfortable when doing physical exercise, as this will allow us to maintain this exercise for longer in the sessions and not avoid doing different sessions a week. 

The best exercise bikes is a fitness device that already has enough comfort. It is ideal for elderly and overweight people. Due to its ergonomic design, it allows effort to be made with the areas that most contribute to good cardiovascular training. 

If comfort is important to you, you should look at a series of key elements when you buy the exercise bike. First, you will have to look for a saddle that is wide, comfortable, and made with padded materials. This will prevent it from digging into the butt area and will increase your comfort. In addition, you should consult the different options to maintain a correct lumbar posture. For this reason, I recommend that you buy a stationary bike with a backrest, which reduces the lumbar load. بلاك جاك 21

Maximum user weight

If the exercise bike that we are going to buy must be used by different types of people or by the whole family, we must take into account the weight of the users. 

Most stationary bikes can support a fairly high weight, approximately 100-120 kg. However, you should inform yourself about the stability of this bicycle with these weights, since they can often lose balance. That is why it is so important to buy an exercise bike that supports your body weight well; you should not overlook this feature.

Using the stationary bike at the maximum recommended weight will ensure that the life of the bike and its operation are extended for much longer. 


Price is a very personal variable when buying a best magnetic spin bikes and the good news is that with such a wide variety of stationary bikes, there are prices for all tastes.  When it comes to knowing which stationary bike to buy, it should be taken into account that its price is related to its quality. Therefore, we cannot pretend to have a stationary bike with all the features but at a very low price. If you are looking for a cheap stationary bike with considerable quality, I recommend that you read the article that we made analyzing the best cheap stationary bikes. 

The cheaper models are an ideal alternative for those who want to exercise moderately and control the most basic variables of training. These people will have enough with a simple stationary bike with a very basic LCD screen to track progress. Now, be careful with the weight they can support. الرهان الرياضي  

If you opt for more expensive models, you will see that they have more features to better control the training and make it more enjoyable. However, be careful and don’t fall into the trap of buying a model that has many more features than you will ever use. 

Therefore, the price you will invest in an exercise bike will be related to its quality. However, we do not always need a top-quality product to get the most out of it. تنزيل العاب اون لاين It will be about finding the perfect balance. 

Technical characteristics

When it comes to knowing which exercise bike to buy, the technical characteristics are one of the most important points. Here we summarize the characteristics that you should take into account when buying a stationary bike: 


The most common resistance in exercise bikes on the market today is magnetic resistance. If you find another bike (no matter how to bargain) that does not have magnetic resistance, I recommend that you do not even consider it. 

The magnetic resistance is carried out thanks to an inertial disc and in a very silent way. This helps pedaling be done steadily and smoothly. Another important issue to consider regarding resistance is the resistance levels of the different bicycle models. 

Most bikes offer sufficient resistance levels for progressive training improvement. However, if you consider that you are going to perform a high-intensity exercise (or this is your goal) you should consider buying a stationary bike with more than 8 resistance levels. 


The flywheel of an exercise bike allows you to adjust the type of training you intend to do. It will depend on this technical characteristic whether you can perform the moderate routine physical exercise to stay healthy or perform more intense exercise to increase muscular and physical performance. To know what type of exercise you are going to be able to do technically with the exercise bike that you buy, you must take into account how many kilograms the flywheel is. With a flywheel of approximately 8 kg you can perform moderate training routines without any problem. In fact, in most exercise bikes we find this flywheel weight. If you buy a stationary bike with flywheels of about 15 kg, you will be able to perform much more intense exercises and greater effort. 

LCD console

A normal exercise bike should display values ​​such as distance, training time, speed and calories burned. Why should I show at least these values because they are very basic values ​​to control the progress of the training and know if you achieve your goals?

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