How Can Your Internet Presence Impact Your Life?

Especially in the 21st century, your internet presence is about dramatically more than just the internet. In fact, what you do and don’t do on the internet can have wide-reaching consequences both now and in the future. If you aren’t careful about what you post online, it can really come back to haunt you. Here are four ways your internet presence can dramatically impact your life.

1. Your Current Professional Life

It’s becoming more and more common for hiring managers to look someone up on social media to make a decision about whether or not they should hire them – one in three managers have made the choice not to hire someone because of their social media presence. If you post something online, it could very well impact the options you’re able to access in the job world. ivermectina marca quanox

2. Your Current Personal Life

Many people grow their personal life through their online presence, but what if you have offline friends that don’t know about how you present yourself online? If your online presence is distinctly different from how you present yourself offline, it could cast a shadow on how your offline friends think about you. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to make sure that you’re not posting incriminating things online. Alternately, you could try to keep your online presence as hidden as possible, although this kind of “double life” can be difficult to maintain.

3. Your Future Growth

What if you’re hoping to have a public presence at some point? If you’re hoping to one day become a celebrity, influencer, or other public persona, you should try your best to avoid making controversial statements now. Those statements that you make now, with only a few hundred followers, could end up coming back to bite you in the future when you have a few hundred thousand.

4. New People You Meet Online

Most people meet new people online on a regular basis if they already have some kind of online presence. However, other people who spend a lot of time online will assess your online presence to tell whether they’re interested in becoming one of your friends. guinea pig ivermectin cabinet If you want to bring in certain kinds of people, including people from different subcultures or with different views, you need to make sure that your current online presence is attractive to those kinds of people. simpiox sirve para los piojos


The things you post on the internet have a bigger impact than you might think. From impacting your future presence to impacting your ability to get and hold a job, it’s important that you think about how your current posting might impact your future. One of the best things you can do is keep an eye on where you are and what you’re posting at all times. Whether that means cleaning up your internet history or being extra-careful with the things you post, it’s an important way to make sure that your internet presence doesn’t negatively impact your life.


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