Cancer and AI-based image analysis: A revolutionary way to detect, predict, and treat DNA mutations

Everyone will agree that cancer is a devastating condition and we need every possible tool that we can get our hands which will help in its early detection, prediction and treatment. كازينو البحرين AI has applications in every field and medicine is no exception to that. 

Let’s talk about what this technology offers the humankind in the battle against cancer. While you are here, you can also go through these interesting and useful articles about call center optimization and ITSM.

Accurate Cancer Detection

Swift and accurate diagnosis can save precious lives when it comes to some of the aggressive kinds of cancer. Scientists know the importance of early detection and are especially looking forward to the use of AI in this regard. One type of cancer such as lung cancer, mesothelioma is too often misdiagnosed or not detected on time. 

This leaves patients with very little treatment options and short life expectancies. Many researchers in the developed countries believe that AI can be more accurate in detecting cancer than a doctor. Published research has shown that AI-based image analysis software detected cancerous mass in benign spots and cancerous moles 95% of the time. When shown that exact same picture to the doctors, they could correctly detect the cancer 87% of the time only.

The Collaborative Cancer cloud and AI System

Many AI research companies do not have access to real patients and develop their technologies based on fabricated patient records. It is very important for AI systems to work with real patients in order for them to grow and evolve. 

But the collaborative cancer cloud (CCC) can remedy that. The information of cancer patients can now be safely added to this encrypted cloud based system developed by Intel. The data in CCC is useful for both new AI systems and the mature software. In the working systems AI can reduce the cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment time to mere 24 hours. كيف تلعب بينجو  

AI for DNA Pattern Analysis

The institute of cancer research (IRC), London developed a method called Revolver. In this method the AI system picks a pattern of DNA mutations in cancerous cells and uses it to detect future genetic changes. 

The IRC team also found a link between the treatment outcomes and some DNA sequences. This means that a better prognosis can be given to newly diagnosed patients based on the DNA patterns of the treated patients. 

The Inception v3

The inception v3 is a google software developed for analyzing images using the cancer and DNA data. It uses open source algorithm which can identify thousand different classes of objects. العاب الخيول This system is so advanced that it continuously learns and evolves within its own black box without requiring any human help. Neither the doctors nor programmers can tell exactly how it makes specific discoveries. 

Final Words

Artificial intelligence can use mutated DNA patterns and image analysis to give accurate cancer detection and prediction. This can help the healthcare professionals a lot to come up with more treatment options. 

Surveys showed that about 60% respondents were willing to undergo genetic testing for future cancer risks and that about 45% of them were willing to trust the treatment recommendation given by the system. This means that patients are already accepting the new approach. All that is required is perfecting the system. 

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