What is the purpose of having massage?

The main purpose of my massages is to let my clients relax mentally and physically and thus reduce stress. Your body energy will flow more freely and your stream of thoughts can come to rest. There is greater harmony between your body and your mind, which has a strong healing effect.

Massage is not a luxury

Massage is still often seen as a luxury, just a delicious treat for yourself for which you have to spend time and money. That’s wrong because massage produces so much more as defined below:

Massage is healthy

It stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the secretion of the lymphatic system, so that waste products no longer accumulate so quickly in our lymph nodes. It calms muscles and removes tension knots in the shoulder and neck and can also help with insomnia. In short, your muscles, the skin, your blood circulation, your lymphatic system, and even your hormone balance are positively influenced by a massage. That goes further than just the disposal of waste. It helps the body to stay in balance and it supports and strengthens the self-healing capacity. More and more scientific studies that are published substantiate the beneficial effects of massage.

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Massage reduces stress

A well-executed relaxation massage provides deep relaxation for both body and mind. Almost everyone is busy and regularly experiences stress, the cause of 90% of all illnesses. In fact, any kind of tension is stress, so consider how often this happens to you. Massage is a good counterpart to this.

Massage is time for yourself

As mentioned in the previous point: we are all very busy with everything and everyone. If you get into that like that, you can lose yourself in that too. A massage for you is, therefore “now just me!” Not being busy with your daily activities, but being pampered by warm and attentive contact with all the attention for you and your body.

Massage is real contact

Being touched is a basic need of every person and is just as necessary as, for example, food, drink, and a roof over your head. Certainly in Western culture people can be very reticent about physical contact and sometimes it even seems to be taboo. In a massage, you are touched warm, safe, and respectful and that gives a lot of satisfaction to the need that every person has: touch me.

Massage influences your feeling

You may not feel comfortable in your own skin: you may feel a bit down, restless, or have another vague feeling. The attention you get from a massage can cheer you up. tippmix kombinációk This is partly because with pleasant physical contact “happiness hormones” are produced. tippmix szelvény nyertes Oxytocin and serotonin in particular play a major role in this. online sportfogadas More and more is known about the effect of these substances.

Massage provides relief from complaints

A frequently heard complaint is a pain in the shoulders, usually caused by stress and/or an incorrect work posture. The attention, relaxation, and the actual physical effect on the body through massage reduce (pain) complaints. Some customers indicate that they can manage their chronic pain better by having regular massages.


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