Chess – The King of All Games!!!

Chess is undoubtedly the king of all games. You may be wondering why? Well! Here are a few reasons for you to ponder.

With the advancement in technology, it has now become possible to think of traditional board games in virtual reality. The Internet has brought the online gaming trend to every household. People can easily play with players sitting miles apart, from the comfort of their homes. Chess rules can be learnt in a day. Yes! That’s true to a certain extent. While learning the rules may take one day, mastering the game may take longer. There are six different chessmen that are used to checkmate your opponent. تعلم القمار With practice, you gradually learn how each piece moves and captures the opponent so that you win the game. The only way to learn online chess game is by playing. The beginners can learn chess online as all valid moves are highlighted so that you understand the game and gradually remember all the moves. Moreover, the software corrects incorrect moves before you move further in the game. Once you get the feel of it, you can start playing some real games with real opponents from across the globe.

There are many more benefits of playing online games, especially Chess! لعبة بوكر حقيقية

  • Chess Improves Memory – Chess players are known to have a great memory as their memorizing power is honed every day while they play their favourite game online. Chess requires memorizing different moves and possible combinations, thus enhancing your memory. People who play chess regularly have a higher recollection power. Studies have also shown that people who spend their time playing chess, can recollect things better than those who do not play. Chess players have to constantly plan moves according to the different pieces and so develop the ability to remember visual patterns. This is helpful in their daily work schedule as well. سباقات الخيل
  • Chess develops a Focused approach – Chess players get completely engrossed in the game and enter a flow state. A flow state means entering your peak performance state while facing a challenging task. Artists, performers and players are said to enter a time warp where they become engrossed in the task at hand and become completely oblivious to the surrounding environment. This is a state where nothing else seems to matter except their game. This kind of focussed approach is beneficial in other spheres of life too. 
  • Chess Enhances your Creativity – A research held in schools showed that children who were trained to play chess had higher thinking skills and creativity than those who did not play chess. Playing chess stimulates the mind to think of various permutations and combinations to come out with the best solution. Ultimately this creativity is visible in everything that they do.
  • Chess Promotes logical reasoning and Planning skills – You must have seen chess players silently contemplating their next move for a long period. They try to anticipate their opponent’s response before making their move and go over every eventuality in their mind. This promotes planning skills. Careful contemplation and logical planning skills are extremely beneficial for the cognitive health of an individual. Moreover, people who play chess are less prone to make rash decisions as they are in the habit of thinking about the pros and cons before moving forward.
  • Chess prevents the development of Dementia – Scientists have found that the mental flexibility required to play chess helps protect aged people from Dementia. 

The game of chess requires calculations, memory, visual skills, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities that reduce cognitive decline and effectively postpone the effects of dementia in old people.

  • Prevents ADHD – Children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome(ADHD) are known to benefit from a game of chess as they become more attentive and hyper-activity is considerably reduced.
  • Helps Prevent Panic Attacks – In certain conditions, it has been observed that a person staves off a probable panic attack by distracting with a game of Chess. The feelings of unpleasantness seem to diminish when the person gets involved in the game.

Now that you are planning to give the game a try, here are a few basic principles to be kept in mind while playing chess.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is to set your priorities right. Instead of focussing on beating your opponent, try to position all your pieces strategically at the beginning of the game. Once your pieces occupy optimum positions, you can easily try to checkmate your opponent.
  • Try to control the centre of the chessboard as fast as you can.
  • While you plan your moves, don’t forget ti=o castle your king. Your opponent may have some moves in mind, so safeguard your king while you attack the middle side.
  • Avoid moving your queen unless you are sure of a win. Your opponent may easily try to attack your queen with a pawn or other small pieces and you will have to waste precious moves to retreat your queen.
  • Try not to use the same piece or pawn twice.
  • A pawn can be promoted to any piece if it reaches the other side of the board. You can plan the moves accordingly.

Key Takeaways :

Playing chess has various cognitive benefits such as improving your intelligence, memory, empathy, creative abilities, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning and many more. It is also known to help prevent health conditions such as Dementia, ADHD and panic attacks. 

Every coin has two sides and the same is true for online chess too. While the number of benefits outweighs the drawbacks, it is commonly seen that people get addicted to the game to such an extent that they ignore other important areas of their life. Chess is a time-consuming game that needs all your attention. But you should know your limitations and play it responsibly.

Chess online2 player is a wonderful way of utilizing your leisure time constructively as you learn so many things while playing. So, Why not try it today?

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