Employee Onboarding: Make a Difference In These 3 Steps

Building a strong, outstanding brand in 2022 can feel like a significant challenge. Do not get this wrong – creating something exciting, and way above average always comes with its challenges, however, the fast pace of today’s business world makes us act quickly – sometimes without proper thought. What is more, it can be brought to another extreme – overthinking every step you make. 

Sometimes, stopping for a second to look at the bigger picture can help. Instead of obsessing over a few imperfect details, slow down for a minute. This can help you break the actually-not-so-great challenges into smaller ones and overcome them. Or, sometimes, it can help you remember the very basics that are worth paying more attention to. 

No building will last without a strong foundation. For business, it is exactly the same, and the foundation is a strong and confident team. How do you like this metaphor? 

Every professional is unique and irreplaceable, and it is in the company’s best interest to help the talents bloom. It cannot be done in a day, though – it is a constant process of fruitful collaboration, starting with the Employee Onboarding. The Onboarding process, of course, is not only about learning about the company, its values, and its work environment – it is also about making the first steps of helping the newcomers show off their full potential. 

Here are three ways you can bring your Employee Onboarding to the next level and build a strong foundation for your brand: 

  1. Create an engaging Onboarding course: use an AI video maker 

First steps first: please get rid of your endless Onboarding documents. The modern world made it so that a person is most engaged when watching a video, not reading a document – so why go against it? 

Really, you do not even need to fully “get rid” of your texts. You can use them for the text to video AI and convert them straight to a video course. Tools like this can help you create AI videos with human avatars in minutes instead of spending endless costs and hours on traditional video production. And if you want your company’s representative to be in the videos, Elai.io can create a custom avatar – or even a cartoon one, if you have a mascot. Great Onboarding videos help new employees to understand the workflow better, get familiar with all of the processes, and develop a stronger bond with the company’s values. 

  1. Leave your newcomers their personal space, but do not forget to reach out personally

It is said that it takes 8 positive encounters to change a bad first impression. In the workplace, it is crucial to maintain professional, productive relationships, which also should be built on trust and reliability. Starting a new job is both exciting and stressful, and for more introverted workers can also be an anxiety-inducing process, no matter how good they are at their jobs. Keeping a healthy balance between communicating and simply letting people be is the key to the start of a strong, productive partnership. Make it clear to your newcomers that they are welcome to reach out regarding any questions or worries, and that the company is interested in everyone feeling comfortable while covering their work duties. During the Onboarding process, be reachable rather than hovering, and initiate the communication only a needed and healthy amount. 

  1. Let the creativity out: find out what original ideas your newcomers can produce

Maintaining a stable workflow is a top priority, but it can also be beneficial to give space for all the seemingly wild ideas and what-if-we’s. How about holding a weekly or bi-weekly meeting exclusively for this purpose? This way, not only the team will feel intellectually and creatively stimulated; but this meeting can also serve as great ongoing teambuilding activity. As professionals, we are looking for ways to express ourselves and reach our full potential, and as humans, we are looking for a connection. Hold a meeting where everyone expresses their craziest marketing, product, and sales ideas – you will be surprised how brilliant they might actually be. It also creates a safe space for expressing your own opinions and not being afraid to be vocal. Your newcomers will thank you for this, and Onboarding will proceed smoothly and productively. 

As you can see, when looking at the roots of every process, it is easier to find the right solution. Remembering the bigger picture when aiming for your goals helps tremendously, and building a strong, tight-knit team is one of the main keys to success. Do not be afraid to try new approaches and find what works for your company: after all, no one has become great by just sitting around and doing what everybody does. At the end of the day, it all boils down to people and their ideas, we just need the right tools to reach our full potential.

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