Entertainment Apps for Android and iOS You Should Try in 2022

There’s no shortage of entertainment apps you can download and get hooked on these days. The apps cover every interest from music and films to games and gambling. Most of them also have a social component allowing you to connect with users that share your interest. is ivermectin for horses and pigs  

We list a few apps here that you should try. Some of these are already well known and have a wide base of users, while others are smaller, but have the potential of becoming the next big thing. 

Tycoon Casino Slots

There are a lot of popular slot games out there, but Tycoon Casino Slots are everyone’s favorite. The game is simple enough for a novice to play and easy to advance in if you’re playing for a while. It has a lot of different jackpot options and plenty of bonuses.

It’s the bonuses that will keep you coming back to the game since they are made to reward the long-term players that are using the game every day. The game also offers a lot of bonuses and mini-games to break up long stretches of gameplay and make things more interesting.


Streaming platforms are in great competition amongst themselves these days but Netflix is still the most popular one. Streaming service offers countless movies and TV shows, as well as some game shows and reality TV programs. It’s based on a monthly subscription and is available on all mobile and desktop devices.

This year Netflix shows have won four Emmys, which is more than shows produced by Disney or HBO combined. However, in order to keep track of all popular shows out there, Netflix will no longer be enough as it once was.


TikTok is slowly becoming the most important video platform in the world. The app has overtaken YouTube which previously held that spot. That’s because it works differently than YouTube, helping prioritize small and genuine creators rather than large productions. It also pays creators differently and more fairly. 

The app already has hundreds of millions of users and it will have you hooked the moment you install it. You may even end up filming a few short videos yourself when you find a craze or a trend that suits you. Take the time to explore the app and you’re sure to find your own niche. 


Club House is a chat app and a discussion forum similar to Reddit but it’s mostly focused on movies and popular culture. If you’re looking for a community to talk about your favorite movies or shows, you’ll find them on the Club House app regardless of what the show is. 

You can start your own discussion groups or join in on those created by others. As is the case with most forum-like apps, a sense of community soon emerges and many find friends and similar-minded acquaintances on Club House.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription app for gaming. For $10 a month you get access to a game library provided by Xbox without having to buy any of the games individually. You also get a discount on other games that you do need to buy. The library is updated every month and new games are always added.

At this point, there are over 300 games you can enjoy by downloading the app and subscribing. ivermin gotas precio The app is cloud-based so be advised when it comes to potential technical issues and the need for high-speed internet. However, most users that are into gaming won’t have a problem with those requirements. ivermectin wormer and tapeworm  


Goodreads is an app all reading enthusiasts should check out. It has millions of books you could download and read and a lot of communal features. The recommendation feature is especially well made for those who are looking for something new to read based on their taste. 

The app is subscription-based but there are also a lot of features you can use for free. It’s available for both Android and IOS and it also works with many newspapers and magazines you can download on your reading device as well. 


Audible is an audiobook app that provides hundreds of thousands of audiobooks to its listeners and it’s based on subscription as is the case with most media library apps we’ve mentioned. It also works with newspapers and magazines allowing you to listen to articles. It’s free for the first 30 days which is plenty of time to figure out if the service is for you.

If you’re a fan of audiobooks this app is for you. Those who haven’t tried the medium before should do so. Some of the narration is just amazing and it allows you to get into a book while doing something else around the house.


Duolingo isn’t really an entertainment app but we’ve decided to put it on our list since it’s fun while being educational. The app is used to learn foreign languages through a series of short daily lessons. It’s focused on conversational use rather than grammar. 

The app offers rewards and points for staying consistent and doing your lessons every day. It uses fun and clever design and there are lessons for different levels of proficiency in a language you’re trying to learn and it covers dozens of languages. Try it out and you’ll make a habit of it, while clearly improving your language skills. 

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