Four Significant Uniques in POE 3.20 Expansion Updates in Forbidden Sanctum

Today let’s talk about some POE 3.20 Uniques that have been released so far. I also want to start out by saying that Uniques in this league have been outstanding and absolutely insane, skill balance has definitely been lacking over the last few weeks, but new Uniques they have been putting out definitely have not.

Oriath’s End

Without further ado, let’s start it off with Oriath’s End. so what this Unique does is basically giving you explode while it’s up. we don’t know how much this chance will go up, is it going to go up to 35% to 40%? or is it only going to be like 20% to 30%? which is my guess most likely. It deals a tenth of your maximum life as damage of a random element, which means it’s technically worse than Profane Bloom. Because Profane Bloom even gets buffed to 50%. However when we’re talking about something like a Pathfinder, don’t forget that this actually scales with flask effect, as well as that some builds really like the Elemental and not Chaos. For example, Crystallized Omniscience build is the perfect fit for this item, because it doesn’t really discriminate between cold, lightning or fire.

One thing I want to point out here though is, actually it doesn’t necessarily have to go into an Elemental build. A lot of people are talking about Omni builds in general, but what we learned from Profane Bloom is, if the effect is strong enough, Elemental doesn’t really matter that much. Profane Bloom is chaos based, and I know a ton of Elemental builds that still run this, for example in lots of cold builds, Profane Bloom is still way better than Herald Device.

There is also a small downside in Oriath’s End here, the base type is not the best, unless you’re Pathfinder. If you’re a Pathfinder you can actually count on the elemental resistances, but on other builds you can’t really rely on it, overall I guess it’s nice to be Elemental weakness capped. But some people were talking about it as being a good base, because it lasts so long and it has low charge count. In my opinion if you’re on a Zoomer that wants this explode effect, it’s also an expensive unique with big number of POE Currency, tons of Orbs. It’s not recommended to have it for a new league start on the worst bill of trade. Overall this item is insane, absolutely unbelievable. Depending on how rare this is this is going to be a huge worthy Unique.


The second flask is Progensis, this flask is just like just on par with what we just had, so basically what this flask does is when hit during effect, 25% of Life loss from damage taken occurs over four seconds instead. A ton of people have been comparing this to Petrified Blood, I just want to make it clear that people understand how much better this flask is, obviously you could use both, but this does not need you to consistent low life.

Petrified Blood is about letting you go low life to abuse stuff like Pain Attunement, and then getting back your defenses from losing half your HP. But this flask you can just be on full HP and use it and literally get 25 reduced damage taken.

What I want to mention here is two things, first one, if you have a lot of regions and buy POE Currency, this can get better and better. For example if you’re an Inquisitor with Pious path, and I think the biggest one is if you have Slayer Overleech. Second one is a small detail, for this Amethyst Flask, every build wants chaos. The thing about Amethyst Flask usually is they have up to 65 charges on use, which means you exactly cannot activate them twice, making them very annoying to use against some bosses. But this flask also has reduced charges, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this in almost every endgame build that needs a little bit of a tankiness boost.

Eternal Damnation

Next up let’s do Eternal Damnation, this Amulet has a hefty downside with -5 to all Maximum resistances, but it also has again additional Elemental damage reduction equal to half your chaos. Now if we do the math here, basically we have -5 to all Maximum resistances which also counts for chaos, so we can only get to 70% Max res and 70% chaos res, with 35% reduced Elemental damage taken. According that, it comes out that you can had 80.5% percent Maximum resistances, and 5.5% Max res from the Ami.

It does work with some interesting things, the most obvious one I think is Loreweave, so your maximum resistance is always up to 78%.

I think this Amulet is incredibly strong, however it’s going to be really hard to justify on softcore. The Amulet slot nowadays is hyper competitive, we have Ashes of the Stars, Crystallized Omniscience and Strangle Grasp, that literally gives you a lot benefits. So all I want to express is that you better make this work in your favorite, no matter what it does on softcore or hardcore. Amulets always change with the currency updates, so just be yourself is a proper option.

Rational Doctrine

Next one let’s talk about the jewel that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should, which is Rational Doctrine. Now this has two different effects, one around Consecrated ground, one about Profane ground. If your strength is your highest attribute yet, choose Consecrated ground. And if your intelligence is the highest, get Profane ground.

Now the thing about this is if your strength and your intelligence is both at the same point you should get both Buffs, and it’s not actually that hard hard to do. You can usually manipulate your Rings and Amulets with catalysts, attribute catalysts to be exact. About the Divine Orb costing I thing you should also think about it, if this process is too complex or expensive for you, you can also consider other one as well.

While everybody knows what Consecrated ground does, I don’t think people realize just how good Profane ground is. Just to point this out, enemies on profane ground get minus 10 resistances, and whenever an enemy gets hit on profane ground, you would have plus one base crit. I’m expecting to see this Jewel being played quite a bit in the right builds, this is going to be an insane upgrade.

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