Hits and Misses in the Search for a Natural Looking Lace Toupee

Those who decide to enter the wonderful world of toupees sometimes ask themselves: how to have a natural looking lace? The answer to this question comes in the form of several precautions that range from placement to cleaning, through handling the acquired locks. Want to learn? See the mistakes and successes of those who want to change the look with the toupee at a reasonable men’s hair toupee price.

Can I cut the lace at home to show my face?

This topic is controversial! The issue is that due to the texture of the lace toupee, made of synthetic material and not human hair, the cutting procedure can be quite different from what should be adopted for the styling of natural locks. It is recommended that a professional with experience in synthetic toupees be consulted when trimming your toupee.

Is it okay to sanitize the lace toupee with cleaning products?

Amazingly, yes! In addition to the traditional shampoo and conditioner combo, some lace users bet on products such as fabric softener, wood wax and glycerin when hydrating and shaping the synthetic threads, leaving the look very natural. The practice is safe and recommended for the maintenance of straight, wavy, frizzy and curly hair. ivermectina para cães para que serve

The important thing is to be careful with the implantation of the wires in the screen. If they curl up at the root, they must be untangled using a wide comb carefully and slowly, as this area of ​​the hair is where the strands are inverted so they can be made the fixation nodes on the screen.

Tip: avoid washing the toupee frequently and increase the shelf life of the product. Furthermore, for longer performance, always order the toupee from men’s toupee wholesale supplier.

Can I dye the toupee to get the shade that I like best?

Better not. The lace toupee is made of synthetic material and does not react to this type of chemical as human hair would. Dyeing the toupee can shorten its lifespan or even cause irreparable and instant damage to the hair. Therefore, choose the lace that you like best in the desired shade.

Do I need to use glue to fix the lace toupee?

You don’t need to and you shouldn’t and this is precisely the biggest advantage of using synthetic toupees. stromectol action Easy to fit, the laces do not require the use of glue in their fixation, preserving your scalp and ensuring the naturalness of placement. We caution you that sticking the lace toupee on your head can cause serious problems, including natural hair loss.

So should I put the toupee on as it arrives on delivery?

It depends. Some laces arrive with screen remaining in the forehead region, in this case, the excess must be cut. In other cases, where there is no visible screen, just fix it on the head and rock!

Can I put the lace toupee on with my hair down?

Unless your hair is really short, it’s better not. To put the lace, make a low bun and a braid from the root, in order to reduce the hair volume as much as possible. In addition to damaging the hair, this mode of use can take the natural look of your toupee. ivermectin for maggots in dogs


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