How to Get into Project Management with No Experience

More than just experience is needed to become a project manager. If you are hesitating about getting into project management, don’t worry, the traits and skills are totally attainable. 

If you have 0 experience in the domain, getting the first project management job is going to be challenging. You have to acknowledge that your competitors are people with years of experience; that is why your first recruitment may be a position of a junior level. Entering a new working resources market can set you back from shifting your career. But it is possible to get into this domain without prior experience. 

1. Get the right skills for it

When being a director of a group, you have to have some specific skills and competencies. Project management skills can be different depending on the field you work in. Anyway, there are some that are the same for all the domains. Such skills as leadership and good communication are essential for a project manager. A leader has to be respected among the team, and establishing good communication is very important to lead the team. Being able to make a decision is one of the most important qualities of a project manager because deciding for the whole team is a responsible job, and there is no chance of making the wrong decision. 

You will need such skills when you hire Shopify developers or choose the right tools for completing the project successfully. 

2. Get educated in project management

Most people have working experience in the domain but are not prepared academically as a specialist. Getting at least some online formation for the specialization is vital. Besides, the certification you can get can help you to get the job. 

You can get some knowledge of how to manage and run a team. A lot of companies ideally acknowledge the diplomas that you can get from online courses. But it is crucial to check at first if the classes that you take provide you with the necessary certification in the end. 

3. Know how to use the necessary tools 

There are also some hard skills that you have to be able to master to be a competent project manager. For example, tools like Microsoft Office and Adobe are some basic ones to know perfectly. Such tools as Google Meet and Zoom are going to be needed to organize meetings with the team. Slack may be used as a chat tool between you and your colleagues. Asana and Trello are some task management tools to distribute tasks to each employee and to follow and check if they are done or not.

The knowledge of tools that project managers do not use directly is a plus. For example, the knowledge of tools that are used by web design or web development specialists is a huge plus. 

4. Write a strong resume

One of the most important ways to win the competition between other experienced project managers and be hired is being able to present yourself from the very best perspective. Create a strong resume and prove to your recruiter that you are worthy of the position. Whether you’re applying for sales assistant jobs or in the filed of marketing, a good resume will affect the HR department’s decisions heavily. 


Project management is a challenging and responsible job because your task is mostly going to be depending on your team that is going to accomplish it; that is why this position is severely in-demand in the market and is highly paid. 

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