Turbans have been in style from almost the beginning of clothes culture. Predominantly worn by people in arid and tropical climates, it began as a measure to protect the head and the hair. Since then, the quintessential turban has undergone several design and style changes and persists even in contemporary fashion collections. Today, the turban is a fashion accessory for many cancer patients. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy tend to lose their hair in chunks until the radiation causes baldness. While some opt for natural human hair wigs, stylish chemo headwear is a chic alternative for all ages and genders.


A primary concern for those opting for headwear is scalp irritation. Though soft in appearance, certain materials can irritate the scalp and cause dryness, itching, or even rashes. But certain brands are aware of these concerns and strive for maximum comfort along with style. These turbans and other headwear designs are made from natural materials like cotton and bamboo, which cause no irritation or reactions. They protect the skin of the scalp while still offering breathability, thus eliminating sweat and related problems. The turbans are the perfect confluence of style, comfort and luxury. These stylish chemo headwear come in various designs and embellishments to suit every occasion and every outfit.


For The Office-Goers

Turbans and headwear might seem like an over-the-top addition to a formal outfit, but the right design can add elegance to formal wear without flouting office dress codes. A simple layered beanie or close-fit turban, paired with a pantsuit, exudes volumes of style. Pairing them within the same colour palette ensures they are not too flashy for formal office wear. Men can also pair a regular beanie with their shirts and trousers, restricting it to neutral tones, to complete their office outfit.

For The Gala and Event Goers

A formal ball or gala is an event where people boast their sophistication and elegance. Sublime gowns, tuxedos, bow-ties, and exuberant yet understated jewellery is the staple dress code for these events. A layered turban is a perfect addition to these outfits. Pairing the turban with a patterned satin or silk headscarf can turn heads everywhere. Colour is an important aspect in these pairings; opting for jewel tones in contrast to the dress’ hues sets an exquisite style statement. Pairing a layered turban with a dinner jacket or tuxedo is a bold yet rewarding move, as long as one sticks to subdued tones with the shirt or vest.

For The Casual Outings

Pairing headwear with casual outfits is a no-brainer. People can choose the headwear style, pattern and colour that best suits their fashion sense without fear of committing a faux pas. Turbans, beanies, headscarves and hats pair well with summer dresses, jeans, casual tees, hoodies, and an array of other outfit styles. If you agree, can I ask you something? 

For The Street Smart

Street style fashion has always included headwear of some sort. Beanies, caps and hats are intrinsic to street fashion, especially ones with wording embroidered on them. Street fashion sends a message, and what better way to proclaim one’s fashion identity than stylish headwear? Buttoned beanies, rhinestone caps, and layered turbans effortlessly add the finishing touch to any street fashion outfit. Rasta colours, primary palettes, and even neon and fluorescent shades are excellent street fashion choices. Embellishments like steel studs, hanging crosses and keyrings all boast the pride of the street. Ranging from skulls and crossbones to words and even flowers, stylish chemo headwear in street style fashion has no boundaries and is a prime area for experimentation.


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