How to Recover Lost Files after Windows 11 Update? 

The Windows operating system update known as Windows 11 is highly anticipated. Although it adds a lot of new features and enhancements, it can also lead to file-related issues. Don’t worry if you lost files after upgrading to Windows 11; you may typically restore them by utilizing one of the techniques listed below.

How to Recover Lost Files after Windows 11 Update?

Your machine will download the most recent security updates and system upgrades from Microsoft during a Windows update. These upgrades aim to enhance your computer’s overall efficiency while safeguarding it against infection. Your files won’t often be erased during an upgrade. Nevertheless, if you upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or 11, you might have trouble locating your old data. To find your files, try the following suggestions.

  1. Recover Lost Files Using Search in Windows 11

If the file’s location has been altered and you are unable to locate it. Following the Windows 11 update, you can utilize the Search tool to locate and retrieve lost files.

  1. Search for your files by selecting the taskbar’s search box.
  2. If you can’t view the files, use Search to fix the issue.
  3. Type “Indexing” into the taskbar’s search box, and then click “Indexing Settings.”
  4. “Advanced > Troubleshoot search and indexing” should be selected.
  1. Enable Administrator Account to Recover Lost Files

Windows 10 and Windows 11 can occasionally be upgraded using a new Microsoft account. As a result, you run the risk of losing old files. To fix this problem, you must enable a Windows 11 Administrator account.

  1. Choose “Computer Management” after entering “computer management” in the search box.
  2. “Local Users and Groups > Users > Administrator” should be visited.
  3. To enable the account, uncheck the “Account is disabled” checkbox and choose “Apply.”
  4. Sign out after that, and then sign back in with the Administrator account. See whether you can recover the deleted files following the Windows 11 update.
  1. Recover Lost Files After Windows 11 Update with Backup

The Windows 11 update occasionally results in data loss. If you have a Windows 11 file backup, recovering deleted files is simple.

  1. “Settings > Update and security > Backup” should be selected.
  2. To retrieve documents from this backup, choose “Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)”.
  1. Recover Lost Files with File History After Windows 11 Update

Users of Windows 11 can retrieve permanently deleted files using the backup tool Windows 11 File History. By default, it backs up files every hour, but users can also make manual backups whenever they want. The steps listed below can be used to recover deleted files from Windows Files History:

  1. Type “Restore Files” into the search box, then click “Open.”
  2. Search for the folder containing the previous location of your deleted or missing files.
  3. Click “Restore” after selecting the desired files. The deleted files will return to where they originally were.
  1. Recover Lost Files After Windows 11 Update Without Backup (Recommend)

After updating to Windows 11/10/8/7, you can recover lost files whether or not you have a backup. After an update, erased files can be recovered with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for windows software one of the best data recovery programs. The program is accessible for both Windows and Mac users and provides a number of functions to aid with data recovery.

  1. It can handle a wide variety of file kinds, including documents, pictures, videos, and more. 
  2. Data recovery software is capable of working with internal and external storage systems. 
  3. In Windows 11/10/8/7, it provides a user-friendly interface for recovering deleted files.

To recover deleted files after the upgrade, download and use this Windows 11 data recovery program.

  1. Start Windows 11/10/8/7’s Stellar Data Recovery software and select the location of the lost data. Then select “Scan.”
  2. After the scan, locate the files you need by using the file format filter in the upper left or right corner. Afterward, you may double-click a file to obtain a preview of its contents or select the “Preview” button.
  3. To recover the lost data to a safe location, check the box next to the file and click “Recover.”

How to Avoid Data Loss after Windows 11 Update?

  • Be sure to back up your vital information and documents to an external hard drive or cloud storage provider before updating to Windows 11. In the event that something goes wrong during the update process, this will guarantee that you have a copy of your data.
  • Use the Microsoft Update Assistant to upgrade your operating system rather to the automatic Windows Update option. You can prevent problems that could result in data loss during the updating process with the use of this program.
  • Verify that your hardware and applications are compatible with Windows 11 before updating. To check whether your system satisfies the requirements for the update, use the PC Health Check app. The upgrade procedure may encounter problems due to incompatible hardware or software, which could result in data loss.
  • Get rid of any pointless software from your PC before updating. This can decrease the chance of data loss during the upgrade process and help free up space on your hard disc.
  • Before starting the update process, make sure your computer is connected. This will lessen the chance of data loss brought on by a power failure or low battery.
  • While updating to Windows 11, make sure your internet connection is steady. Data loss may result from problems during the updating process brought on by a shaky or unstable connection.
  • If you’re concerned about data loss, think about holding off on updating until Windows 11 is stable. This will allow Microsoft enough time to fix any problems that could result in data loss during the update procedure.

Need Help from Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows Tool!

Don’t be too concerned if you unluckily lost files after upgrading to Windows 11. Your lost files might still be recoverable. After a Windows 11 upgrade, lost files can be recovered with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows, a potent piece of software.

If any files were lost during the updating process, it can search your hard drive for them, find them, and then either restore them to their original position or to a new one of your choice. Even non-technical persons may utilize it easily due to its user-friendly UI. Thus, think about trying Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows if you’re looking for a strong data recovery tool.

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