Introduction to the injection molding process

In recent years, with the steady promotion of the transformation and upgrading of “plastic instead of steel” and “plastic instead of wood,” Aria’s customer enterprises have increased product innovation, the proportion of high-grade products has gradually increased, supporting services have been constantly improved, precision injection mold and injection parts market will usher in a new growth point, it is expected that the market demand will further expand.

Therefore, both injection molds and plastic injection molding parts have broad market space, laying a market foundation for the sustainable and stable development of Aria’s injection molding.

Extrusion molding, injection molding, and blow molding are the three main production methods of plastic products. This paper will continue to introduce the process of plastic molding, its principles, and its advantages and disadvantages.

The workflow of Injection molding

The injection molding workflow is from injection to mold until the mold cavity is filled to about 95%. The pressure holding phase compensates for the plastic shrinkage by applying constant pressure to compress the melt and increase its density. Driven by pressure, the plastic melt passes through the nozzle of the injection molding machine into the vertical flow channel, the main flow channel, and the shunt channel of the mold and then enters the mold cavity through the gate. ivermectin cream side effects in humans This is the process.

The principle of injection molding

Injection molding, its principle is to add granular or powdery raw materials into the hopper of the injection machine, the raw materials by heating melting flow state, under the screw or piston of the injection machine, through the nozzle and the pouring system of the mold into the mold cavity, hardening in the mold cavity—factors affecting injection molding quality: injection pressure, injection time, injection temperature.

The advantages of injection molding

1, Short molding cycle, high production efficiency, easy to realize automation.

2, Can be shaped complex shape, precise size, with metal or non-metal inserts of plastic parts

3, Product quality is stable

4, Wide range of adaptation

5, The labor required is low.

6, The surface of products is smooth, no scratches, surface text and pattern clear;

The Disadvantages of injection molding

  1. The price of injection molding equipment is higher.

2, Injection mold structure is complex. para que serve ivermectina para ces

3, High production cost, the long production cycle is not suitable for a single small batch of plastic parts production. ivermectin 5 mg /ml

4, Need very professional operators.

The application range of injection molding

Injection molding can be used in a wide range of common kitchen supplies, garbage cans, bowls, buckets, POTS, tableware, electrical equipment shell, hairdryer, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, toys, bicycles, car parts, tables, cosmetic packaging boxes, and other industrial products are injection molding products.

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