Looking to Relocate to Thailand? Tips & Suggestions

The world is in a constant state of change and the digital explosion has enabled many people to work online and becoming a digital nomad brings freedom and independence to your life. Of course, you may have decided on early retirement and as far as retirement locations go, Thailand is up there with the best; either way, here are some tips and suggestions to help the relocation go smoothly.

  • Start with a rental property – You need to spend a couple of years in Thailand before you set down roots and build your dream home in the sun. Some people prefer to remain in the capital, Bangkok, while others would rather live on a tropical island such as Samui or Phuket and let’s not forget Chiang Mai, the mountainous region in the north of Thailand. ivermectina marcas Rent for a minimum 6-month period and at the end of that, if you aren’t sure, try another area of Thailand.
  • Long-term visa – There are numerous ways that you can obtain a long-term non-immigrant visa and if you are aged 50 or over, why not stay on a retirement visa? Any reputable visa agency can help you obtain long-term visas for you and your partner, as long as you meet the financial requirements.
  • The actual relocation – Once you are ready to ship all your personal possessions, search online for international moving services in Bangkok and let the experts take the strain. You can arrange for everything to be packed into a container and the relocation company will handle everything, including customs. 
  • Learn to speak Thai – If you are planning a long stay in the Kingdom of Thailand, you should take active steps to learn the local language, as this will give you a real insight into the culture, while also helping you with simple daily tasks. Start by booking a basic speaking and listening course, then you can move onto reading and writing; you can obtain a long-term visa if you are studying the Thai language. tri-heart plus ivermectin pyrantel Here are a few reasons to wear blue light glasses if you are in the office all day.
  • Open a Thai bank account – In order to obtain a long-term visa, you will need to open a bank account with one of the major Thai banks. Kasikorn and Bangkok Bank are both institutions that offer online banking and you need to have a specific amount of money, in Thai baht, to qualify for the visa.
  • Health insurance – There might be medical insurance requirements to enter Thailand during the pandemic; it is worth noting that hospital treatment can be very expensive in Thailand, so you should have adequate cover. Search online for Thai insurance companies and ask for quotes, then you can choose the best policy to suit your lifestyle.
  • Do some online research – You should know that the rainy season begins in May and runs through to the end of October and prior to renting a home, make sure the area doesn’t flood. The rainy season is not as bad as it sounds; a couple of hours and the sun usually dries everything out and flooding recedes very quickly. The more you know about Thai history, the richer your experience will be.

There are many advantages to living in a tropical climate and when you arrive in Thailand, you can start to explore this amazing nation. ivermectin tracto supply

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