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Kennebunkport is a town in Southern Maine, New York City. It is famous for many things, especially its beautiful, scenic, serene beaches and walking trails. 

Best Beach in Kennebunkport Maine

1.Kennebunk Beach: – is also known as Mothers’ Beach. It has a portion of perfect sand that is well guarded.

  1. Gooch’s Beach: -is the greatest part of Kennebunk Beach with the finest sand. 
  2. Middle Beach: – this is a stony part of Kennebunk Beach, Mother’s and Gooch’s beach with lovely black stones. 
  3. Colony Beach: – this beach is located at the outlet of the Kennebunk River.
  4. Cleaves Cove Beach: – is an excluded picturesque beach away from Ocean Avenue. 
  5. Goose Rocks Beach: – has extremely soft sand, which is superb for walking. It is gorgeous and picture perfect. 

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Kennebunkport Walking Trails    

  • The Eastern Trail – starts from Florida to Maine. It has a part of 65-mile in the East Coast Greenway. The trail has two points to get onto that have a brief distance from the Inn. This route is dog friendly and spacious enough to suit walkers, bikers, and runners.  
  • The Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm – is an incredible seven mile trail.  You can observe the point of fresh and seawater inter-mixing from the Salt Marsh Loop.  A walk from the start of Laudholm Beach allows you to appreciate the boundary beaches that guard the mudflats (habitat to many seabirds and shellfish). From the Forest Trail, you can examine the vegetation of the area. 
  • Bridal Path in Kennebunk: This is a brief two mile walk equal in distance to the Mousam River and is acceptable for all.  This path is ideal for a sunny afternoon walk when you want to flex your legs and be satisfied by a peaceful interaction with nature.

Kayak Excursions Kennebunkport Me    

A wide range of activities is available at Kayak to your choice and preference. 

  1. Coastal Maine Kayak & Bike of amazingly guided kayak tours! This establishment provides a few tour choices: Cape Porpoise Lighthouse Tour, Kennebunk River Tour, and Mousam River Tour. Each tour costs about 90$, and a tour bag pack consisting of essentials is made available. 
  2. The Cape Porpoise Lighthouse Tour – is a favorite choice because visitors get to visit one of the last functioning lighthouses in the country; Goat Island. As you ride along, the guide assigned to you will enlighten you on the history and progress of the Kennebunks. 
  3. The Mousam River Estuary Tour – is highly preferable for those seeking to unwind on the water truly. This activity carries guests through distant areas where a view of native flora and fauna is unavoidable. 
  4. The Inn at English Meadows – This Inn is a coastal-themed guest room containing a large bed, a warm fireplace, an enormous bathroom and shower, a smart and recent television, a refrigerator filled with food, a coffee machine, a secret doorway. Throughout your stay every morning, you will have a delightful three-course breakfast that brags local, in-season flavors. All bookings at the Inn enables admission into their first-class amenities.

Distance from Kennebunkport to Portland Maine    

Depending on the means of transportation, distance varies. When driving a car, a nonstop drive lasts for 28 miles or 45 km for 36 minutes. By air, the flight distance is 23 miles or 38 km, and the flight time is 33 minutes. A road trip takes a day of driving due to traffic, stops, etc. The travel time is about 24 hours on the road.


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