The Best Way to Unclog a Double Sink in the Kitchen

Some of the homes have double sinks in their kitchens. They take up space but they also make the process of dishwashing more convenient and less time-consuming. To better grasp the solution to the problem of how to unclog a kitchen sink, let’s take a look at the double kitchen sink’s dynamics first.

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What is a Double Sink?

A double sink is a sink that consists of two steel bowls instead of just one. This makes the dishwashing process comparatively easier and better especially if you do not have a dishwasher. One bowl act as a soapy water Centre for the dirty dishes, the other bowls contains clean water where you can rinse dishes before putting them away for drying.

Putting soap, washing and rinsing all in a single bowl can get messy and take time. Therefore, double sinks can come in handy especially when washing dishes with hand.

In double sinks, both the bowls have their separate drains. However, these two drains join in and go into a single main drain pipe. Therefore, all your grease, fats and various small food bits go into that main drainage pipe no matter which sink bowl you use to dispose of them.

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Effective Unclogging Methods

Now there are various ways and methods proved to be effective when it comes to unclogging a kitchen sink. Clogs in your sink can be really bothersome and messy. They stop the water from flowing ahead into the drainage pipe and as a result, dirty water will store in and fill up your sink to the brink. That can be unpleasant as well as unhygienic. Hence, it’s necessary to have effective solutions on hand about how to unclog a kitchen sink.

  • The most common method to unclog a sink is using the plunger. Use the cup style plunger that fully covers the hole of the sink drain. Place it on the drain, and fill the sink with water if there isn’t already water in it. Half a sink will be appropriate. Now use the plunger, up and down movements without freeing the drain hole. Now pull the plunger out. If the water in the sink drains properly, the clog has been removed.
  • Sometimes, a clog is best removed by hand. This method is effective when the clog is not very far below and you can reach it. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hand and use a flashlight to better see the clog in the pipe.
  • Another good way is to pour good amount of hot water down the pipe. It will help loosen and wash away the clog.
  • You can also use natural remedies like baking soda or vinegar etc. Pour these into the pipe and wait for a few hours. Then check by pouring down water.
  • If none of the above works, get a blocked drains Newcastle plumber.

The Hack

The main hack however in how to unclog a kitchen sink with a double bowl is to plug the drain shut in one bowl before trying the unclogging methods in the other one. Because if you do not shut one drain off, the water from one bowl will just move and fill up in the other bowl instead of going down the drain.


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