Should Your Business Invest in Online Training?

Yes, your business should invest in online training. Don’t click away now that you have the answer, you need to know what benefits online training brings. Here’s why you should invest in online training!

Save Resources

In the world of business, it’s all about efficiency. If there’s an opportunity to save time and money, your stakeholders will applaud it, and this is no different with online training. With physical training, workers are away from their desks for longer (especially when they must travel to another location). Sometimes, businesses lose a whole day due to training. The decision to their WHS course online at the beginning of the pandemic was a no-brainer for leading safety training. Online access meant that workers were able to obtain relevant, accredited skills without the need to commute and lose an entire work day. They’re caught between wanting to offer development opportunities and paying a heavy price (literally!).

By using online training platforms, your staff members complete the course at their desks and get straight back to work immediately. Suddenly, a three-hour training course takes three hours away from work rather than a full day.

Protect Employees

Let’s not forget, we might have better control of the pandemic in 2021, but there are still risks to employees. Why send them to a physical course when you can protect them with an online course? They either complete the course in the office or from the comfort of their own home. Either way, they aren’t on public transport and sitting in a room with strangers.

Tailor the Message

The beauty of online training is that you can create your own training and tailor the message accordingly. Rather than outsourcing to an external company, you control the message, and you ensure that every single minute of the training develops their skills on the job.

With the right partner, you can create online training content with the future in mind too. Once the initial investment is made, you simply need to maintain the training and update every so often. Other than that, it belongs to you and is available for all recruited team members.

Retain Quality Workers

In Australia, it’s no secret that a lack of development and career progression is the second-largest cause of staff turnover. People leave their jobs because they aren’t given training or opportunities to develop skills. Not only is losing quality workers a nuisance, but it also leads to more recruitment and training costs.

You can eliminate this stress, or at least minimise the risk of losing high-quality staff members, by investing in online training. The benefit is two-fold:

  • Staff members feel valued and are compelled to stay with the business
  • They also become more valuable to the business as their skills expand and grow

Why go through the expensive recruitment process several times when it’s cheaper to invest in online training and retain your team? Team harmony grows, relationships develop, collaboration improves, and the whole business grows. Hopefully, you’re now starting to see the importance of online training (if you didn’t already!).

More Effective Training

Finally, research also suggests that online training is more effective than traditional forms. Rather than listening to an instructor at the front of the room, employees choose to complete the training when they’re engaged. If they don’t understand something, they go back and read over the pages again. In a classroom, they’re more likely to switch off than ask questions and risk embarrassment in front of colleagues.

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Online training helps businesses to retain talent, implement more effective training, tailor the message, protect employees in the modern COVID environment, and save resources. Ultimately, this means a higher return on investment compared to other forms of training and a higher profit figure. This is without mentioning the improved morale and employee collaboration!

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