Smallest ATX Cases


A computer case keeps most of the system’s elements properly managed besides providing numerous other benefits. You don’t have to worry about the protection since the case protects the system from liquids, dust, harsh temperature, bugs, insects, and more. لعبة بلاك جاك Further, it allows us to properly manage the cables used to connect all the components. Like every other hardware piece, the cases are comprised of numerous types and sizes as ATX, mini, small-ATX, mini-ITx, and more. Since each offers different sets of advantages, we need to choose one that best our requirements. 

Nowadays, every computer enthusiast wants to build a compact system that performs exceptionally well. If you’re one of those users, a small ATX case can help you out in constructing a miniature build. On the other hand, some downsides can come with such smallest ATX cases. Sometimes, we can’t install multiple graphics cards, may have fewer connectivity options, and more. Then the question arises, how to find one perfect case for your system when the market is full of hundreds of such pieces. Well, you can choose one we have listed down for optimally balancing your rig. bet365 arab Following are the Smallest ATX Cases.


1. NZXT H200i

Product keyword: best mini-ITX PC case

The NZXT H-series comprises three PC cases, and we have chosen the H200i variant due to its excellent price to performance ratio. Besides having a smaller size, this best mini-ITX case has beautiful tempered glass and steel design combinations like the more advanced in the series H400i offers. You can choose a color combination out of four, according to your requirement. Connectivity purpose can be fulfilled via USB 3.0 Gen1 ports, audio jack in the front panel, and a pair of expansion slots.

Knowing the importance of airflow for cooling and temperature, the designer has added fans at the front, top, rear, and back sides. However, inside components may reduce the airflow depending upon their locations or sizes. The dust is kept outside since every air inlet has a dust filter that allows clean air inside. Moreover, this best mini-ITX case has a built-in digital RGB with simplified installation and management, CAM powered fan controller, an all-new cable management system, simplified water-cooling installation, and more.

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Controllable built-in RGB system

– Eye-catching look

– Excellent airflow and thermal performance

– Adaptive noise reduction

– No USB Type-C port in front panel

2. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Product keyword: best all-rounder smallest ATX case 

Cooler Master is a Taiwan-based company considered one of the best PC cases manufacturers. Check the HAF XB EVO as proof offering you solid features combined enveloped with the latest technologies. The case has a black look and is made of steel and polymer, plus has a meshed front bezel. We mentioned earlier that many small cases might have no multiple graphics card support; however, this best all-rounder smallest ATX case has this facility. It would be appropriate to say that it will perfectly match your system. روليت للايفون

To make the installation process painless, the upper panel, side panels, trays for the motherboard, and tool-less hard drives trays; all come with removable options. The cherry on the top is its side handles that ensure portability to the product. Moreover, it also supports enough fans at both front and rear panels; it also comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans. The product features liquid cooler holes, room for an external CPU cooler, and four dust panels to allow dust-less air into the case. 

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Excellent airflow and cooling

– Durable build and attractive black design

– Tool-less hard drive trays

– Easy installation

– USB 3.0 in the front panel

– May be expensive

3. Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L

Product keyword: best Budget Small ATX Case 

It seems that Cooler Master knows the usage needs of every customer and always has something for everybody despite the nature of the requirement. We have MasterBox Q500L, the best budget small ATX case, for the users with a smaller budget but still want to get an attractive looking and feature-rich case. Starting from the design, it has a greyish-black look and offers an edge-to-edge transparent side panel that beautifully showcases the system build. The case provides an optimal casing solution and an excellent value to money. 

You get a fully-perforated chassis on all the sides for effective fan configuration. There are two fans at the bottom, one at the rear side, and a pair at the top side of the case. Moreover, the magnetic dust filters with rubber stampers prevent the dust from entering the case when fans are working at their full pace. The cable management is done with a dedicated space behind the motherboard. Also, the dual-location facility allows you to locate horizontally or vertically with a moveable I/O panel to locate at multiple locations.

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Attractive design

– Transparent sides showcasing the build

– Horizontal and Vertical position option

– Adequate airflow

– Few plastic ports


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