Social media campaign ideas for schools

You probably have spent months posting random photos and texts on your social media account. This is a common thing because most of us don’t have a strict plan for social media profiles. Though businesses hire professionals to generate profitable content ideas, it seems a luxury to ordinary users. However, if you are someone involved in a school, you can generate tons of campaign ideas to post on social media. In this post, I am sharing some ideas that you can apply too. You can also check my favorite SMM panel for a particular campaign. 

Blog post

A blog is a powerful weapon that is widely used. If your school has a dedicated blog, you already have a big campaign idea. شرح موقع bet365 If the blog posts are on upcoming events, successful school routines, FAQs, admission tips, tutorials, stories, and more, you can share them frequently on your social media. Remember that the post should be up to date. However, you are always encouraged to post an old blog post that is relevant to a present event.


Do you want to be popular among your school community? Make your social profile a reminder hub. You can post regarding the upcoming event, deadlines to submit assignments, exam routine, and more. Your audience will feel an urgency to check out your latest posts because people always love to get reminders.


A personal profile displays an overall epitome about a person. Profile and bio can be excellent content ideas for school. Gather accurate information and create a complete profile of a student or faculty. You can tag the person on the post if he is using the same social network. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت It is a good approach to build strong relationships as well.


Some social profiles have become viral by only sharing relevant news. News is such content that everybody wants to check. So, you can share news relevant to your school. كازينو 888 Find out if your school has been mentioned somewhere, or involved in a project. Share them whenever you notice something like that.


If you want to get higher engagement in your social account, share posts about sports. It will provide you unimaginable views because sports are very popular in the school community. Let people know what is going on in your school’s sports club. 

Daily routine

It has a little similarity with the personal profile. If you discover a student with impressive performance or a faculty who always inspires you, their daily routine can be excellent content for social media. Ask them or follow their everyday activities and organize them in a routine. Now, post it in peak time.


User-Generated Content is one of the hotcakes for businesses because it works better than paid campaigns. You can also develop ideas to get more UGCs. For instance, create a hashtag and ask your followers to use it whenever they post. It allows you to find their posts easily. After that, you can pick the best ones and reshare them with your audience. 


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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