Sports Betting Dictionary: Basic Level

If this is your first time betting at online bookmakers, you will know the most important things to start placing your bets today with this sports betting dictionary. Also, you can take 22Bet bonuses & promotions to try a bet.

Simple Bets

Simple bets are those in which you make a single prediction for an event. Examples of a simple bet include betting on the match winner or the exact number of goals during that match.

They are the most basic way of placing bets, although this does not mean that they are easy to hit. Remember that each bet comes with odds that indicate the possibility of winning. The higher the odds, the lower the chances of it happening, but your profit, if you win, will be higher.

Pre-match betting

These are the bets that are placed before the event starts. They are the type of bets recommended to those just starting in betting, given their simplicity.

Combination bets

A combination bet consists of making more than two different predictions in a single bet. These predictions can be about other events or matches.

The exciting thing about combination bets is that when you win, they are multiplied instead of receiving the usual quota of each bet. The downside is that you lose everything just by having a wrong prediction.

Betting live

These bets are those that are placed during an event. Live betting is regularly placed in conjunction with a streaming service of the event in real-time. Here the odds change according to what happens during the event, which skilled players use to earn better returns than a standard bet.

We recommend placing this type of bet when you know more about the sport to make better decisions. However, these bets are very exciting to make even if you don’t have much experience.

Trixie betting

This bet is a combined bet on three different events divided into four other different bets (one triple and three doubles). Even if it is a combination bet, in a Trixie, you can win by just hitting two of the three events.


Also known as “bank,” it refers to the bankroll with the real money you have to bet on. You regularly refer to the bank with the balance you have in your account sports betting house.

You must learn to manage your bankroll very well to avoid running out of money gambling. Good administration is also essential to make your bets productive and generate returns.


A bookmaker is a person, entity, or company in charge of offering bets on different events with remunerations (fees) set by them.

Bookmakers must manage the gaming markets it offers well, setting the odds in equilibrium depending on the demand and supply of the public. Their earnings come from an administration surcharge that they add to the fees.


Cashout is a service provided by large sports betting houses to close your bet before the end of the condition for which you bet.

Once your bet is closed, you will receive a proportional part depending on whether you were winning or not. If you were about to win and cash out, then you will receive a small win in addition to your total bet. If you were losing, you would receive a smaller share of what you bet. Cashout is mainly used to minimize losses in situations where you are sure to lose or secure a small profit without waiting for your prediction to finish without risking losing.

Cashout also has other names such as immediate cash, close bet, buyback, early closing, or cash in.


Bookmakers use them as promotions and welcome bonuses to attract new players. These free bets regularly have terms and conditions for you to collect the winnings, but they are great ways to get real experience without spending your own money.


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