Study of Nanotechnology in Modern World

A nanometer is a measurement unit—one nanometer=10 to the power 9 meters, a segment of 80,000 a segment of human hair. The technologies are related to the nanometer scale is generally known as nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a study of things in atomic change and control. So Nanotechnology is such technology where a thing can use on a nanometer scale. Generally, Nanotechnology works on such a structure, which is less than 100 nanometer.

Nanotechnology is a multidimensional technology. Richard Fineman is known as the father of this technology. In 1959, he gave the concepts of it. There are two processes for it. One is Top-down, and another is Bottom-up process. In the Top-down process, things are shaped in a certain structure by cutting. It is related to an Etching process. And bottom-up is a process of creating big things using Molecular elements.

Nanotechnology is mainly a Bottom-up process. Nowadays, a hard disk can contain so many information because nanotechnology is used in the hard disk. It is working on different electronic processing equipment to develop its efficiency. It is used to pack food products and create a unique taste in food by using nonmaterial. This technology manufactures many smart drugs. It is possible to destroy the cancer cell through technology. By using this technology, lightweight vehicles are manufactured, and they become the energy-efficient vehicle. Cheap and developed solar energy are creating through nanotechnology. It is also put in the chemical industry. Titanium dioxide is 100 times powerful than steel created by nanotechnology. 

Minimizing the electronic device for better devices’ efficiency has played a vital role in a minimum electric cost. It is playing an important role in games and sports. It is using for giving more longevity to cricket and tennis ball. By using this technology, the product becomes more hard, efficient, small and lightweight. But Nanotechnology's research and application is very costly. For this reason, the products are made through this technology are expensive.

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