The travertine tiles are commonly used by contractors for the construction of pool pavements etc. Travertine stone is a naturally formed stone due to hot springs. They are collected from limestone caves or mineral hot springs. It is similar to limestone. They almost belong to the same family of stones besides limestones that need more heat and pressure to get formed.

The travertine tiles in Sydney are the commonly used ones for walkways, countertops, patios, pool decks, etc. The benefits of using travertine tiles are listed below:

  • Durability: Travertine tiles in Sydney are tougher than 3 times a concrete stone. They are super strong because they take years, heat and pressure to get formed. So they last for years together if maintained with proper care.
  • Easy to repair: Travertine stone is a natural stone that makes it easy to replace. Whereas the concrete and cement slabs make it challenging to correct. The contractors foresee this problem and ask the client to keep extra tiles just in case the fixed tiles break. The broken tiles can be removed and fixed with new ones that are as simple as that. On the other hand, to repair the concrete ones, the surface has to be replaced.
  • Comes with the advantage of avoiding freeze-thaw: Freeze-thaw occurs when the rock has pores or when it allows the water to pass through it. Freeze-thaw happens when the temperature is low. But the travertine tiles can survive this freeze-thaw weathering cycle. They allow the moisture to escape and keep the tile or stone cool, therefore, avoiding the freeze-thaw.

This property is very useful because of the heavy rainfall Sydney receives every year, upto 110mm sometimes. Other tiles retent tiles, which can damage the flooring of the house. So, installing travertine tiles is the best way to avoid floor damages related to water-retention.

  • Cool factor: The cool factor refers to the ability of the travertine tile to stay cool even during daylight. They do not consist of metals that occur naturally like other stone materials. So they become the perfect go for the pool decks and patios.
  • Non-slip flooring: The testing of these travertine tiles in Sydney show that it is perfect for both outdoors and indoors in every weather condition. Suppose a person is trying to get a commercial complex and skip the slippery flooring conditions. In that case, the travertine tiles will be a perfect choice because they have anti-slip flooring ability.
  • Cheap: The benefit that everyone is waiting to hear is here. The cost of travertine tiles is the same as their durability. They are twice costlier than ordinary marbles, but they are worth it because they are durable and they last for centuries.
  • Appearance: Travertine tiles are already known for their looks. They give a classy look to wherever they are attached. They have the same new look even though they were bought years ago. They come in different unique colours with various patterns, making it easy to replace them.
  • Ease of cutting: These travertine tiles are super easy to cut and make a shape. So this gives the ability to fit the tile wherever needed according to the odd shapes, if any.

Maintenance and care

Maintaining the travertine tiles is simple but also complicated at the same time. They sometimes can allow liquid to penetrate inside; this is because of the microscopic pores. But we always have a solution for it. Do not forget to apply a penetrating sealer and barrier surface sealer to avoid this problem. This should be done during the installation of tiles and should be continued throughout. The sealing should be done regularly if the person desires a glossy finish. They are easy to clean and can be mopped using a soap solution.

Travertine tiles are strong and durable, so they do not easily show scratches or cracks. One must remember that the natural finish for the travertine tile makes it less prone to scratching, unlike polishing and honing finish. Since they can be replaced if one tile is cracked, it can be said that they are easy to replace.

So do check out the travertine tiles Sydney to bring an aesthetic look and to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.


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