The List of Educative Video Games

Using video games in education is an actual trend in connection with the active introduction of information and communication technologies in the educational process. The article will present a list of video games that are advisable to use in the learning process.  Also, take a look at the most favored video games that are being played by most.

Using video games in education is not a new idea. There is still debate about the dangers and benefits of using them in learning. Currently, the use of gaming technologies increases the efficiency of the educational process not only in primary, middle, high school but also in college or even university. Some games help train the brain, some develop analytical thinking, and some even help with homework. By the way, in addition to games, you can also get homework help on special services. After reading the reviews of such sites, you can choose the most suitable one for you.


The first game is more suitable for college or university students. CheckIO is a JavaScript learning strategy game. This is a web game that allows you not only to learn yourself but also to use other people’s solutions to improve your score. The game is suitable for those who want to learn JavaScript and choose programming as one of the part time jobs for students.

Animal Jam

In this game, you can transform into your favorite animal, create a look that expresses your personality, and travel through the beautiful 3D world! It is the best online environment for kids and a great place to find and chat with new friends, where you can equip your own den, play exciting animal games, care for virtual pets and get to know the surrounding nature through videos, fact sheets about animals and e-books!

Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy is an innovative project from Nintendo that has gained immense popularity among players around the world. In Japan alone, the game has sold 1.2 million copies. The originality of Big Brain Academy is that this game allows you to train your brain, developing logical and analytical thinking, memory, and reaction speed.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” is a logic and adventure game developed by The Learning Company for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of modernity, and the following features can be distinguished: strategy, casual game, search for objects, history, and detective story.

Chill Manor

Chill Manor is a sequel to the I.M.MEEN game, which can be categorized as nothing less than a trashy 3D shooter with an educational bias. In the center of the game, we are introduced to a certain insane old villainous woman named Ophelia Chill – the wife of the villain of the previous part, who in the introductory video sings perky songs about how she stole the Book of Ages, tore out all the pages from it and is going to remake the story in every possible way for herself and confuse the poor kids.


GCompris includes over 140 different educational games and exercises for kids’ development. Each game has its own design. Everything is done quite simply and without frills. It is even a bit primitive. Simple cliparts are used in the design. GCompris can be used to teach children in schools and kindergartens.

In conclusion, we can say that computer games have come a long way towards taking their rightful place among the used modern educational technologies.


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