The most common standing desk problems and how to fix them

Your workstation determines your productivity. Your desk is your corner at work, and its setup has a real impact on your productivity, posture and appreciation for your work. A little-known fact by many people is that your workplace setup directly affects your life expectancy and overall health. Medical experts have produced reports detailing the health effects of our workspace and how you can improve your health and effectiveness at work.

In the photo is the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk by Flexispot.

Through these studies, the standing desk has shone through, and many people are beginning to appreciate the importance of workplace ergonomics. With so many people switching to a standing desk, many people are on the lookout for information on how standing desks work and everyday problems they might run into with their desk.

According to furniture experts, Flexispot, it is essential to understand how to operate your standing desk and get down to how it works. This helps you avoid common mistakes that most new standing desk owners run into. This is especially important for the height adjustment function of standing desks. ivermectina para que sirve y contraindicaciones

Some of the most prevalent problems that people run into include loud motors, a desk stuck in a specific height and desks that won’t perform as they should. This can be pretty stressful and put a damper on your motivation to work and overall outlook on standing desks. To ensure that the desk you have is not counterproductive, let’s look at some common problems you might run into with your standing desk and help you with solutions for them.

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Common standing desk problems

A sit-stand desk is an excellent addition to any workspace; it helps you with the transition between sitting and standing and helps improve your posture. The sit-to-stand function of these desks is motorized, but you get spring-loaded lifts or a stacking function in some desks even when you go for the best quality standing desks. ivermectin and albendazole tablets side effects

To eliminate bias in this list, we have done extensive research from customer reviews and everything available on the market and uncovered some of the most recurrent problems that standing desk owners have.

  • Desk balance

The weight capacity of most desks stands at 150-250 pounds, even though a few of them have higher or lower capacities. Even when you do everything right and as advertised, you might find that your desk is still wobbly. A stable looking desk can be pretty shaky when you place your work materials on it, especially on the highest height setting. This can be quite unsettling for users when products don’t work as advertised.

  • Mechanical failure

With lowering and lifting your desk, it is possible that your desk might fail, and this defeats the purpose of a sit-stand desk. For users who’ve had it worse, their desks have been stuck in less-than-ideal positions, making work exhausting and frustrating for them. Usually, the fix for this might be an easy process, but it is essential that you get help from either the manufacturer or someone who understands how standing desks work.

  • Chips on the desk surface

Most desks are advertising to have top-quality surfaces, and sometimes you find yourself with a desk that is prone to scratches, chips and dips. These aren’t a standing desk issue as such; they are related to low-quality materials used to manufacture the desktops. It is vital that you read reviews and manufacturer specifications on the desk and its durability. Research the best desktops that aren’t prone to wear and tear.

  • Loud motors

The adjustment from one height setting to another is mostly advertised as quiet, a gentle hum and a soundless transition. However, you might find yourself with a desk that sounds like an industrial-grade machine when it’s adjusting from one height setting to another. Ideally, most standing desks should have a quiet motorized life; the majority have a gentle hum that is easy to ignore. The whiny desks could be quite a distraction and off-putting. In an office setting, a loud motor can interrupt everyone and earn you a good number of stink eyes.

  • Slow lifts

For most standing desks, the transition is advertised to take between 10-15 seconds; however, you might find your desk taking longer, a lot longer. When you have to wait ten minutes or more for your desk to switch from height settings, it can get quite frustrating. A slow lift is definitely indicative of a problem with your desk.

Some of the reasons why your standing desk won’t lift and how to fix them

  • Having an object obstructing the transition

Even with some manufacturers stating that you can lift your desk with your work materials on it, some desks just won’t budge. Your desk might fail to adjust its height settings because of the objects you have on it. This could also be as a result of things you have above the desk and not on it, for instance, art pieces, shelves and cabinets. Most standing desks have an anti-collision safety feature that ensures the desk detects objects in their way to prevent a collision. Therefore, the desk will stop moving upwards until the object is out of the way.

The solution for this is to ensure that no objects are standing in the way of your desk. It is also essential to adhere to manufacturer specifications on the maximum weight that the desk can hold.

  • Uneven legs on the desk

The legs on a standing desk can become uneven over time, especially on desks with two or more motors. If a desk’s motor doesn’t have an excellent self-locking mechanism, you’ll have a desk where the motors are out of sync, and your table becomes uneven. An uneven desk means that the desk will either detect this issue, depending on how sophisticated its control box is and therefore stop any more movement to prevent further damage to your desk. However, if the control box is very simple, it will not detect or stop this issue, meaning your desk continues to move up and down while out of sync, and eventually, the friction will lead to the leg columns getting stuck.

The fix for this issue includes a complete reset of the standing desk so that the motors are realigned, and the legs are even.

  • No power on standing desk

Standing desks that lose power means that the desk was probably unplugged, maybe temporarily, but it could also mean that the outlet may have lost power. When there’s no power on the standing desk, it means that it cannot adjust its height settings. In most cases, a loss of power to the standing desk means that once it regains power, it’ll reset. When a desk is in reset mode, it can only adjust downwards.

To fix this, it is crucial that you complete the manual reset on the table before you force an adjustment on it.

  • Exhausting the duty cycle

The control box on each standing desk has a maximum number of times that it can be active, meaning the number of times it can keep adjusting before it needs to rest. This is known as the duty cycle. Once the desk has exhausted this cycle, it goes into automatic rest mode to prevent overheating and failing. If you’ve been switching through height adjustments several times a day and your desk suddenly stops, don’t fret; it is possible that your desk has gone into mandatory rest mode.

The fix for this is waiting it out for about 18 minutes; this is the average time that most control boxes need to prevent overheating. Once your desk has had a break, it’ll turn back on, and you can go back to business as usual. In case the 18 minutes are long gone, and nothing has happened, a manual reset can help you override the cycle and allow you to use your desk again. However, it is vital that you allow your desk to rest to avoid the desk going into a mandatory rest.

How to avoid common standing desk problems

The manufacturers and advertiser’s promise of a durable, one-of-a-kind desk might not always track. To ensure that their claims are true, it is essential that you read deeper and between the lines before buying a desk that will make you suffer.

Before you make any purchase, it is imperative that you compare several products and weigh their pros and cons to choose the right product for your needs. Some other easy steps you can take include:

1. Reading online reviews

Don’t just take what the manufacturer or advertiser says as the gospel truth. It is important that you get insight into the product from real-life users who have experienced the product. Check reviews from manufacturer sights, third party reviews and distributor websites to detect any inconsistencies.

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2. Do your research

There are varieties of standing desks and so many parts to each of them. Therefore, it is important that you’re well-versed with the features and functions of the desk, like speeds, motorized lift, and maximum height and weight. Knowing some of these specs will help you make a better purchase decision.

3. Think customer support in advance

It’s not that you’re anticipating challenges with the desk; it’s just good always to be prepared and know your options. Find out whether there’s a phone number you can call, when are they active, and will your issue be handled by a 3rd party representative or the manufacturer? Good customer support can make your experience seamless.

4. Lifestyle companies do it better.

While standing desks fall under furniture, buying a standing desk from a manufacturer who is a lifestyle furniture brand is a safer bet as they invest in design and will overall perform more testing on their desks than a furniture manufacturer. Take Flexispot, for instance; while they’re a furniture brand, they take pride in providing lifestyle furniture solutions for the modern worker.

Even the best quality products malfunction from time to time. how to take ivermectin for scabies It is essential to get out ahead of the problem by knowing the possible fix for any issue you might run into. Looking at the buyer guides for these products can help you better understand how the desk works.


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