The most important characteristics of bongs that help them run smoothly

When figuring out what type of smoking accessory to purchase, you need to take certain characteristics into account so you can see if the apparatus is running properly, what type of apparatus you should purchase, and what can sway your decision.

The most important characteristics of bongs

There are various characteristics of bongs that help determine if it runs properly or not. When you are trying to figure out how to choose the best bong for you, how to see if your bong needs some additional accessories, or if you should switch smoking methods, you need to make sure you know exactly how each part of your bong plays a part in the overall smoking experience. لعبه بينجو

The base-round vs square

One of the most important characteristics of bonds is the base. When you are choosing what type of bong you want to purchase, you need to decide if you want a round or square base. Learn more about where to buy bongs. The foot, also known as the base, can enhance or detract from your smoking experience.

  • The main benefit of using a round base is the stability that increases user confidence during use. If you share your bongs with friends, having a circular base can increase the security of the bong. مواقع المراهنات العالمية
  • The second most common option for the shape of the base is the hexagonal choice, which can increase stability when used on tables and flat surfaces.

The volume of the bong

The next characteristic to take into account is the volume of the bong, which can influence if it is suitable for advanced or beginner smokers – typically, advanced smokers like a higher-volume bong.

  • If you choose a volume under 500 ml, this is the right choice for beginners who want smaller hits.
  • Volumes between 500 and 1000 ml are the right choice for intermediate and advanced users who want a normal-sized bong.
  • For advanced users, they can choose a bong that has a volume of over 1000 ml for big hits and parties.

Kickhole vs. no kickhole

The next characteristic that can influence the functionality of your bong is the kick hole.

  • The advantage of having a kichole lets you control how much smoke comes into the downstem, allowing the user to control the length and size of the hit they consume.
  • The disadvantages of using a kichole include the difficult cleaning due to the odd shape, the potential for leaking water, and the lack of functionality for a left-handed person.

Shothole or lift-off

The kickhole, also known as the shothole, is an opening that can control the amount of air that escapes the bong during use. The lift-off technique is another technique that involves cutting out the oxygen to control the amount of air in the bong. There is debate as to which way is best and it can influence your choice of which bong you want to purchase. المراهنة على المباريات


If you are deciding between a few different types of bongs to purchase for your next smoking apparatus, there are some characteristics to take into account before buying your next bong. Make sure you look at the type of shot hole or lift-off method used, kickhole vs. no kickhole, the value of the bong, and the shape of the base of the bong.


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