Top 5 Minigames That Players are Crazy to see in GTA VI

All GTA fans are ready for the anticipated next game in the series, GTA VI. But Rockstar have revealed nothing regarding the release of this game and keeps being silent. That only makes the gamers’ interest grow and many roumors about the upcoming game appear.

According to several of them, Grand Theft Auto 6 will include the updated Vice City and Rio de Janeiro. لعبه bingo But the locations are not the only things that players speculate about. Mini-games were always one of the most exciting parts of the series and here are top 5 mini-games that players are crazy to see in GTA VI.


In the Grand Theft Auto games, melee fighting has been of mediocre quality at best, with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas taking the most initiative by trying multiple combat techniques. Street combat in the GTA games is long overdue, comparable to bare-knuckle boxing or the MMA.

Melee fighting is something that Rockstar should work on and the best place to start is by putting a boxing mini-game in the project. Lern from competitors! Boxing games like those seen in the Assassin’s Creed titles have always been excellent additions to open-world games.


Gambling games were firstly represented in GTA SA and they were of great quality. Players could play roulette and blackjack and earn a ton of money by doing it. Another splendid gambling game was featured in another Rockstar project RDR2 and it was poker. The developers gave players a chance to experience authentic Texas Hold’Em (identified by casino experts from Exycasinos) and fans loved it.

Even if you overlook that players are pretty fond of casino games in GTA 5 Online, it cannot be ignored that how many people love the game. موقع مراهنات المباريات It would be a huge loss if there won’t be casino games in GTA VI.


The Last of Us Part II demonstrated that button-mashing in games should not be limited to playing musical instruments. Fans will inevitably adore it if the GTA franchise can have characters playing music utilizing controllers across platforms.

Grand Theft Auto games have featured dancing as a mechanic in the games, but why not incorporate playing musical instruments? Gamers playing Yakuza games concluded that having a karaoke minigame is plenty of fun, even if you are doing it casually. Get amazing memes about your game by allowing others to create and share them. It means free marketing, essentially. Everything works out in the end. If it could somehow be implemented across platforms allowing characters to use musical instruments or sing, fans would genuinely love it.


We are not saying that GTA should include a FIFA-level simulation in the game. What we are saying is that the next GTA might include a small street football minigame. According to rumors, the game is situated in a South American metropolis, and football is rooted in South America, so include it in the game makes sense. We have already seen Rockstar putting a basketball mini-game just to fulfil the environment in GTA SA. Why give a miss to soccer this time?

Something comparable to the Volta mode in FIFA 20, a street football simulator, would be very welcomed in the game. رهان المباريات


While skate parks have appeared in GTA games, no skateboards or rollerblades have been available as accessories. The gaming world will welcome a little Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game no matter what game is being made. We have already enjoyed bicycling in GTA games, let’s go for a new eco-friendly transport!


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