Top 5 Slot model ranking selected by explosive power

We will introduce the slot models with attractive explosive power that can aim for a large dividend with a single blow in the slot model ranking (スロット機種 ランキング) among the many slot models. These have a must-see for anyone who requires to earn a dreamy high dividend in an instant. In this article, we will introduce in the ranking the carefully selected slot models that are attractive for their explosive power, which allows you to aim for a large dividend with a single blow, among the many slot models.

1st place Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah of Microgaming is No. 1 in the explosive power ranking of slot machines. It is the slot model with the industry’s number one explosive power. That’s because Mega Moolah has a progressive jackpot, and the prize money is swelling every second. ivermectin paste for lice

There are times when it’s news that you’re getting a massive prize on the spot, and Mega Moolah is a regular slot for that news. The probability is relatively low, but if you hit the jackpot, you can make an explosive dividend that turns hundreds of yen into 2 billion yen  AmigoSlots.

2nd place Iron Bank

Relax Gaming’s Iron Bank is a slot machine with a bank robbery motif. The robbery seems to be the top slot, and if successful, you can get a high explosive payout. Inhalation is so powerful that you can see many reviews of “danger” on SNS. Even if you play it, you will run out of funds at a tremendous speed. That is why the explosive power when you get hooked is also a masterpiece. ivermectin 1% solution   Free spins also have three modes, significantly “Expanding Wild,” which is explosive in a few seconds because the multiplier will rise steadily as long as the payout has been established. Multiple multipliers can multiply to get the payout. ivermectina 1 mg It may also generate an extraordinary dividend.

3rd place Jammin’Jars

Jammin’Jars from Push Gaming is third in the ranking. It is famous as a slot that is prone to significant accidents. When the payout has been established due to the wild entanglement, the multiplier increases, multiple multipliers multiply, so even in the base game, the payout is 1000 times or more. I have had 20x, 7x and 4x wild symbols involved at the same time in the past. The payout that hit the mark became 560 times the average amount (= 20 x 7 x 4), and I felt the explosive power. Since the multiplier is not reset during the free spin, it is a slot model that shows the threat’s explosive power as much as the spin at the end when the multiplier grew up.

4th place Majestic Megaways

iSoftbet’s Majestic Megaways is a slot machine equipped with Megaways that can generate 100 times or more payouts even during base games. Since the cascade specification is implementing, if the symbols are connected well, you can get a chain payout even with one spin. Also, because it is a mega way specification, even low-value symbols such as 9 and 10 can earn huge dividends depending on the number of pay lines. During the free spins, the multiplier will rise when dividends are generating, and the expectation of explosive power will increase toward the end.

5th place Great Blue

You cannot exclude Playtech’s Great Blue from the slot model rankings selected by explosive power. Although developed over nine years ago, it is still a prevalent slot as an active warrior. The biggest attraction is explosive power, and in the past, it has produced dividends of over 10,000 times. Free spins are the main reason why Great Blue has high explosive power. During the free spins, you will be giving more and more spins, and the multiplier will also rise more and more, which will bring you a big win. It is a model that is famous as an explosion slot in the world.


Slot model ranking (スロット機種 ランキング) that excel in explosive power also have the disadvantage of being sucked in vigorously if turned inside out. Please note that you may suck funds at once if the flow is terrible, and it may be the end.


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