What are ethical casinos?


This article defends the need for a specific concept: “Ethical casinos” (EG), which is a step forward in accepting the responsibility of companies and governments, not only because of the loss gamble but also because of the specific.  ۔  Action to prevent gambling disorder.  The EG aims to create the necessary environmental conditions that allow gambling as an economic activity, but its primary purpose is to prevent potential health risks, primarily gambling disorders.

Gambling Ethical Gambling Gambling is defined as a condition of money or property on the outcome of an event or game that is basically random with the desire to win more money or acquire additional assets. The industry or sector created by legal gambling activity is called gaming.  Since its inception, gambling and gaming have grown to over $ 335 billion worldwide. Most of the revenue from this industry comes from casinos and lotteries.  Over the years, gambling and gaming have attracted considerable concern and controversy, especially over the ethics of the practice and whether its financial benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

(A)-Regarding its socio-economic aspects:

Gambling is a major economic activity in societies where it is permitted. According to Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, global gambling revenue in 2016 was estimated at US $ 464 billion. الرهان الرياضي In terms of game theory, gambling is an example of a zero-sum game, a non-cooperative game in which one player’s win equals another player’s loss, resulting in a net profit of 0.  Is. In general terms, gambling can be played with zero, in which the gambling company is one player and the gamblers are the other.

(B) – From a psychological point of view:

Gambling is a potentially addictive activity because: (a) it stimulates drug-like reward circuits in the brain and (b) the medical properties of gambling are similar to those of drug addiction or alcoholism.Gambling disorder is a serious mental disorder in which diagnostic and diagnostic criteria point to excessive gambling patterns.

In short, gambling companies are businesses that financially benefit from the loss of gamblers. The more gamblers gamble, the more profits are made because math is expected to favor gambling companies. Therefore, it is in the interest of companies to promote gambling through marketing and to ensure that games are easily accessible and readily available.

Proposed work

The basic premise of the EG is that the environmental conditions – which are important factors that cause gambling – can be best achieved through gambling regulation using the results of evidence-based research.


For gambling companies and stakeholders, gambling is an economic activity that generates significant economic benefits. Therefore, we decide that the government, instead of such companies, enforces gambling regulations because it is unlikely that gambling companies will voluntarily implement effective regulatory measures. قانون لعبة البوكر Gamblers’ profit margin is Gambling Gross Revenue (GGR), which is the amount lost through gambling, but a significant proportion of GGR is derived from problem gamblers. شرح لعبة بينجو  

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