What is Contact Management and Why It’s Crucial?

Every business has some contact information about their customers that they would want to keep for future reference. That is crucial to follow up on leads and prospects to build good customer relationships and experience.

Handling contact information is usually much easier on a small scale, but this gets complicated as the business grows. At that point, you have way too many contacts to exchange business cards or store information through pen and paper. You will need a proper contact management system to make your work easier.

The purpose of writing this article is to help you understand more about contact management and its importance.

  • What is Contact management?

Contact management is the process of collecting, storing, organizing, tracking, and managing information about your customers.

Traditionally, businesses relied on address books, Rolodex, business cards, and Filofax systems. ivermectina definicion But things have changed thanks to technology. Today we have cloud-based systems such as Itrezzo, which are much easier and more convenient to use than ever before.

But why would you need to manage contacts anyway?

Below are some reasons;

  • For Integrations

Contact management systems integrate well with other business applications such as Skype, Gmail, etc., you might have. It analyzes these apps, pulls out contact information from them, and automatically adds it to your contact list. That saves lots of time and eliminates human errors, two essential things for any business to succeed.

  • It Helps Provide Instant Access to Information

With a contact management system, you do not have to worry about the time or the place. It provides instant access to customer data to you and your employees regardless of the time and the location. That way, your business goes on 24/7/365. And since you do not have to be in the office to work, you can multitask. That means you can attend to other pressing matters, and you will not have to interfere with your business to do so.

  • Leveraging Personalization

Having detailed information about individual customers is crucial for every business. Your customer care service and support team members rely on such information to satisfy customer needs and deal with any issues that may arise more efficiently. ivermectin cattle dose

But such information is way too valuable to mishandle or leave just anywhere in the database. With a contact management system, you can store and organize that information to allow other departments to put it into good use.

For instance, your sales team can pull some of that information to create targeted or personalized advertisements, offers, and promotions. That will encourage the customers to explore those offers and possibly make a purchase. Personalization increases your chances of convincing a customer to make a purchase, and even statistics can confirm it. To be more precise, approximately 80 % of customers will more likely purchase a product or service if the brand offers a personalized experience. That’s a figure you cannot afford to ignore.

  • It Helps Maintain a Good Customer Relationship

Each customer care service and support agent work directly with your customers every day. Over time, they learn and understand individual customer behavior better and tend to their needs more effectively. But employees come and go at will. They go for vacations, annual leaves, take sick offs, maternity and paternity leaves, you name it.

When that happens, you will have to hire replacements or bring in other employees to fill in. These new employees have to create a fresh relationship with the customers. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that if you have a proper Contact Management System in place. With it, your new employees and those filling in for their colleagues will have access to valuable information about customers, hence bridging that gap. That way, you can maintain your good relationship with customers without having any unnecessary interruptions that may cause confusion or misunderstandings.

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An important point to note: customers will not hesitate to walk away from a poor support experience or service. That is why all employees must have access to customer information to maintain an exceptional customer experience.

  • It Helps Improve Productivity

Shared contacts equal shared information. This information is accessible to any new employee(s) that joins your company after completing their training. What does that mean? New hires will not have to waste so much time familiarizing themselves with the processes, or the customers, for that matter.

Any information they need is well within their reach, and they can start using it as soon as they join your company. That means their productivity will improve right from the beginning because they do not have to start from scratch. It does not matter whether the new hire gets posted in the marketing, sales, finance, support, or service department; the information will be readily available to them, whenever and wherever they are.

It is not just the new employees who will improve their productivity; the existing ones will too. For instance, they will not need to request access to information because they already have it. All they have to do is open the company’s CMS, and there it is. does ivermectin pour on kill fleas And even if it is not there, they can always share it with their colleagues with just one click.

  • It helps Save More Time

Time is money; the more you can save, the better.

Having a CMS can save you a great deal of time because it allows you to organize your information well. For instance, you can group your contacts into different categories like past customers, new customers, loyal customers, returning customers, etc. That will help you understand your customers’ purchasing behavior, tastes, and preferences. As a reward, you will be able to tend to them much faster and more effectively.

That’s not all!

Employee’s waste so much time going through the whole list trying to locate a contact. With CMS, you can save all that time using its search and filter option. All they have to do is enter a search parameter such as customer’s name, location, address, organization name, etc., and the rest will appear in just a matter of seconds. That saved time will have a positive impact on the business.


There are so many critical aspects to a business; contact management is one of them. Now you know why. It will help keep your contacts well-organized, easily accessible to your employees, and contribute to the overall business productivity.

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