What is IV Therapy?

Have you ever heard of someone getting IV therapy and wondered exactly what that is? IV therapy is an administration of medicine of fluids through the veins. A common place to get your IV would be in your arms. This allows the fluids or medication to quickly enter the bloodstream. When using IV therapy, the fluids or medication is delivered to the body faster than it would be if you had taken an oral pill. In this article, we are going to discuss more about Iv therapy and what the benefits can be.

Common Uses of IV Therapy

IV therapy is so versatile, as there are many different uses for it.  It is great for hangover relief. After a night out, hangovers can really put a damper on your day. A hangover IV therapy is filled with fluid to help rehydrate the body, vitamins to help increase energy levels, and amino acids to help you revitalize your body. Another use for IV therapy is for a common cold. When you are sick with a common cold, IV therapy may offer you the relief that you may be seeking IV therapy. In the IV therapy that is used for the common cold, there are vitamins, anti-nausea, as well as anti-inflammatory medicine that will help you feel better. Going to an IV therapy clinic is a great option when you are not feeling well, as there are many different reasons that you could get an IV therapy.

Benefits of IV Therapy

There are many different benefits that are associated with IV therapy. Some of the most common benefits that come from IV therapy. The first benefit is convenience. Getting IV therapy is very convenient because you just have to go to a clinic and then get an IV. Then the medication and fluids will get set into motion at a faster pace. The other benefit that is associated with IV therapy is that it is used to promote health and wellness. Oftentimes, the IV therapies that are given are infused with minerals and vitamins that will help your body become healthier. These benefits are why many people have started using IV therapy.

What Fluids and Vitamins are in an IV Bag?

Typically, the types of fluids and minerals that you will have in your IV bag will solely depend upon the reason and type of treatment you are having. However, there are some fluids that are pretty standard in IV therapy. Saline is the base ingredient of an IV bag. This helps deliver the treatment to the bloodstream in a quick manner. Another fluid in an IV treatment is Dextrose. Dextrose is a type of sugar that helps regulate blood sugars in the body. It is great to use when you may be experiencing low blood sugars. Although these are not nearly all of the different minerals and vitamins in an IV treatment, they are some of the more common ones that help you when you are in need of a treatment.


IV treatments are good in helping you feel better after being sick, a hangover, or even if you are just feeling a little dehydrated. They are convenient and are a great way to get you the nutrients that you need in order to have the energy that you need. Next time you are considering getting an IV treatment, remember these benefits and how they could help you.

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