5 Effective Lead Generation Ideas for 2021

If you ask a typical Realtor what the best source of free leads is, you’ll likely get one of two answers. Cold calling or door knocking. But let’s be honest. These aren’t the only options available in today’s world. (And, to be frank, they do not perform as well as they used to.)

We asked top real estate agents and coaches for their most credible, underutilized, and outlandish lead generation ideas, with one condition: they had to work. Here are —– tried-and-true methods for generating free leads that convert into sales.

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1. Phone Duty

Eric Bramlett, the owner of Bramlett Residential, is well-versed in the use of old-school approaches in the modern-day. Since failing to impress with Client Concierge and live call transfers, one of his senior agents proposed they try good old-fashioned phone duty.

Eric was skeptical. “It looked old school to me, but I never noticed it. I know that conventional phone duty irritates agents because it requires them to stay in the office and answer the phone. “One of the reasons agents became agents is to avoid being tethered to a desk,” he says.

However, the outcomes were undeniable. “Because we’re suddenly meeting the need, our conversions have skyrocketed. In the past, we converted over a third of receptionist call-ins. We’re converting nearly all eligible inbound calls at this stage. “It’s been a huge success,” Eric says.

 2. Video Content

For a long time, Christian Ross, Managing Broker at Engel & Völkers, has been a strong supporter of video content. She filmed a video titled Why You Should Move to Atlanta in 2009, which introduced her to a slew of foreign clients who have since purchased two to five properties from her.

“I know everybody says it, but making videos has given me a big return on investment. I’m fully devoted to video making. The videos I made five and ten years ago are now paying off, with over 70,000 views.” And Christian knows how to make the most of that material by repurposing and leveraging it.

“Everyone should have a YouTube channel and make playlists about the city, sellers, and buyers, and fast tips,” she says. I make technical as well as iPhone videos.”

Christian recognizes that not everyone enjoys looking into the camera, but in her opinion, we’ve already spent the majority of 2020 living in an awkward reality.

3. Smile, Dial, Email

Brandon Grass, a serial entrepreneur, and Kelowna-based agent says, “When Covid first struck, I started calling and talked to more people than I would have dreamed because most everybody was at home on lockdown.”

What’s Brandon’s secret sauce, we had to wonder. “There’s no special sauce; it’s just a lot of laughing and dialing. Tim Heyl in Austin, Texas, gave me the target of getting at least 5 nurtures a day and continuing to create my weekly email list. This year, my weekly email has resulted in ten purchases, accounting for 30% of my business.”

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4. Referrals

According to the NAR, 64% of buyers received a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, or relative, or used an agent they had already dealt with to buy or sell a house. You don’t have to pay for referrals; what you have to do is keep in touch with the individuals you meet to make sure you’re on their mind anytime they or anyone they know has to trade.

5. Reviews

If you want to market to millennials or younger buyers? The way to go is by reviews. Nearly 70% of shoppers read online reviews before making a buy, according to Consumerist, and real estate analysts including Justin Seeby of The Seeby Group have seen the influence of reviews firsthand. Lead generation companies rank reviews as the top factor that influences a company’s lead generation process.

In 2016, the Seeby Group’s analysis campaign resulted in 100 sales and thousands of free leads. But, as with anything else, it all boils down to your degree of dedication. Justin explains how and why ratings are beneficial to them.

“Millennials account for a majority of all buyers. Before calling and speaking with an attorney, a millennial visits 8 to 12 different websites. What do they do after they’ve been 8 to 12 of those locations? They went to the reviews.”

“In the analytics, I can see how users arrive at my site—they log in, then go to the rating page and read every single one of my agents’ reviews before picking up the phone and calling. We begin by informing agents that this is something that must be on their minds at all times. When you consult with a customer for the first time, the talk about having feedback begins “he says.

By the end of the day, trying to cold call every lead and visit every neighborhood bake sale would just exhaust you. Focus on the free lead generation practices that can be quickly merged into the new lead management scheme, no matter how wild or unusual they are.

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