Aconcagua Expedition Tips: Never Underestimate Aconcagua

Here I want to share fragments of my diary on how to climb Aconcagua. I believe that an Aconcagua hike demands all your physical and mental energy. The Aconcagua ascents are a litmus test for any mountaineer. In the future, the plan was to continue the same. We spend another night in Camp 1 and stay another day in height. We would descend back to base camp the next day to protect ourselves from the wind. ivermectin injectable topical dosage ear mites dogs The team decided to walk to Ahmegino Col (5400 m) in the morning to keep the blood flowing. ivermectin dosage for pregnant dogs A beautiful hike (that’s a good thing) was followed by another day of hanging out at camp 2 to continue letting the body adjust. The wind picked up that night, and sleep was a little harder to come by. After three nights at 5000m, a 6000m tag, and a gear cache left at 5900m, the team felt they had done the hard work and were ready to descend to base camp to rest as severe winds hit the mountain top. That morning, the guide reported wind speeds of 50km, resulting in a fun coffee session and an excellent battle to pack up the tent. They went downstairs and had a delicious breakfast at base camp. As of January 8, Mike and John are at base camp (4206m) after acclimatizing slightly. The next day will be the worst day for the wind, and then it will gradually subside until day 9. The plan is to head to camp one on day 6 to get in position for a summit attempt when the wind allows us. Summit above the clouds at 22,841 feet (6,962 meters), Aconcagua is impressive in both stature and beauty.

The highest mount in America is the ideal training ground for 8,000-meter peaks, Everest. You can climb Aconcagua without prior technical experience, but the weather deters inexperienced mountaineers. how to use ivermectin lotion for scabies The mount is plagued with massive storms that create freezing temperatures and wild winds. An Aconcagua summit is a proud achievement, requiring critical preparation and dedication. The ascent requires extensive acclimatization, setting up camps, and carrying heavy loads (although reduced by additional porters). An offer for the summit is no small thing. Given the Aconcagua features, you can attempt the summit without mountaineering experience. A positive attitude and excellent mental support are much more critical. We have designed our expedition to maximize enjoyment while promoting education and high altitude climbing skills. We focus on transforming individual climbers into competent and active members of the expedition team. To achieve these goals and maximize your chances of summiting, we will ascend a route called 360 °. This darker itinerary mitigates the problem of crowds, garbage, and overuse found on the normal route while allowing us to get to the top without any technical climbing. True to its name, this exciting route combines parts of four different routes (Glaciar Polaco, Normal, Guanacos, and Ameghino) and traverses all the varied elements of Aconcagua.


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