Balance Bikes:  Help Your Kid Learn Bike Riding Easily

Remember when you were a kid and was learning how to ride a bike for the first time? The excitement, the thrill of riding a bike is some of the best experiences any child can have.

With technology taking over people’s lives, kids need to get some physical activities in their lives to stay fit and healthy. As a parent, you cannot let them always play with their cellphones, Ipads, or tablets.

One of the best exercises out there is biking. You may have already heard of kids’ balance bikes, but if you have not, then continue reading this article to learn about this. see more : balance bikes in Australia

What Is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is like any other bike, except that it does not have a pedal. So instead of your kid pedalling the bike to move, they push it with their legs, just like Fred Flintstone in the cartoons.

Balance bikes also do not have training wheels. Because of this, kids develop their balance and coordination, letting them slowly progress to using pedals.

Why You Should Buy a Balance Bike for Your Toddlers

Because balance bikes help children learn faster how to ride a bike, they are more popular than bikes with training wheels. Aside from that, here are a few more reasons why balance bikes are great for first-time riders.

1. Balance Bikes Are Easy to Use

If you know how to bike, you know that there are two parts in which you have to learn to ride a bicycle successfully, pedalling and balancing. Pedalling is easy. It is what you learn in training wheels. But balancing is hard.

Since balance bikes focus on balancing, your kid will learn faster when they progress to pedal bikes.

Balance bikes also let kids practice stopping a bike with their feet, steer and also give them more control and confidence in riding.

2. Balance Bikes Help Build Strength and Coordination

Balancing is only one of the things they can learn when it comes to balancing bikes. It also teaches them to lift their legs and to use their arms to move. These will help your kid develop their coordination, motor skills, agility and even build their strength.

3. Balance Bikes Are Safer

Because the seats of balance bikes are much closer to the ground than your standard bike, you will not have to worry about your kid getting injured from a hard fall.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about them moving too fast since the speed depends on how fast your kid can push.

4. Balance Bikes Make Exercise Fun

For people to have a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise is a must. Since balance bikes encourage kids to exercise, you are setting them for the right path in living a healthy lifestyle.

As time progresses, they will switch to pedal bikes then you can ride as a family and bond.

5. Balance Bikes Let You Skip Training Wheels

It probably is the best use of balance bikes since they can teach your kids how to ride a bike without the aid of training wheels. After they can learn how to balance, they will be riding a regular bike in no time.

Learning how to bike when you were a kid is one of the childhood experiences any child should have. It is why kids’ balance bikes are a good toy for any toddler to experience the joy of biking. They are better than training wheels and make your kid transition faster to regular bikes.


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