Beat the Heat with These Cool Hill Station Getaways from Delhi

Summer can be exciting in your city but it is common to be exhausted from the scorching heatwaves. Summertime is tiring if you live in a city without a doubt. If you are living in Delhi and want to cool down a bit from the sunny days then this article is what you need now. In this article, we are going to inform you elaborately about the nearby hill stations of Delhi for a quick trip. You can cool down your days of summer in these calming hill stations while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the hills. We are going to give you all the information about the tour packages of hill stations nearby Delhi. So, read more of this article to know about the small details for a satisfactory hill station trip.


The first and foremost place to mention while we are exploring cool hill stations is Shimla. This charmingly beautiful hill station is a part of the Himalayas mountain range. The pine forest is the main attraction of Shimla hill ranges. The gentle breeze blowing through the pine forest will surely cool down your body and mind. You can also enjoy the small markets and malls of the towns of Shimla. You should also keep in mind that Shimla was the summer capital of British India. So, this place also holds historical values. You can experience ice-skating and watch the oldest rinks in Asia. If this place is attracting you then you can look up the Shimla tour package from Delhi. Many sites offer cheap Shimla tour packages from Delhi.


If you need a quick weather change then Nainital should be the absolute place to visit. When the sun is scorching your city, Nainital is cool and comfortable. So, if you want to beat the summer heat and enjoy serenity then Nainital is the place we recommend visiting. Also, this hill station can be visited within the weekend from Delhi. The main attraction of Nainital is the crystal-clear blue water of Nainital lake between the hills. The breathtaking night view of Nainital hills is all we crave after a hectic week. One can make a quick visit to the ‘Snow View’ for the picturesque snowy view from high above.


One of the most beautiful hill stations near Delhi is Lansdowne. This place is famous as a weekend picnic destination between the oak and pine forests. The hills are covered with thick forest cover which is home to tigers. You can go trekking including other array adventures. This place is convenient to visit from Delhi. You can opt for a road trip by NH 34 or take a train to the nearest railway station and then book a taxi to your hotel.


Another extremely beautiful hill station near Delhi is Dalhousie. The wildflowers blooming on the hills will melt your heart and calm your eyes. gaminator online The scenic hill slopes are the perfect place for many adventures. This place is also famous for its exotic marketplace. A shopping enthusiast will love this place for the Tibetan shops. The special Tibetan shawls, carpets, sweaters, and woolen slippers are famous all over India. Moreover, the panoramic view of the waterfalls has healing powers for our minds. pinnacle fogadóiroda The NH 1 is the straight way to Dalhousie from Delhi. You can also take your trip by train via Pathankot.


The historical Beas River flowing through the green hill slopes of Manali is heart-warming. This is one of the most popular hill stations in India. The cool and cozy weather will relieve your stress from the city chaos. One can experience adventurous activities like trekking and rafting through the rough terrains of Manali hills. If you are planning your trip with your friends then this place is perfect for you. Yes, you can go biking on the hills with your friends. You can take the direct train to Manali from Delhi.


Kausani is not as crowded as other hill stations. So, you can enjoy the tranquil beauty of this place. This place is best for trekking enthusiasts. The Adi Kausani Trek, Bageshwar Trek, and Base Kausani Trek are the best trekking destinations in India. The pine forests covering up the hills are an escape for our eyes from the greys of the city. We also recommend you to visit the Rudradhari Falls. The picturesque cascade fall is one of the best places in Kausani. This is a convenient picnic spot for Delhi residents. NH 9 connects Kausani with Delhi. You can also visit Kausani by Train via the nearest railway station Kathgodam.


This place is a special mention for the people who are interested in visiting less crowded places. This place is still not very popular despite being outstandingly beautiful. If you love to ski then this place can be your favorite destination. This hill station also consists of Asia’s longest cable car riding. An adventure freak can indulge in many activities in this place including skiing, trekking, and many more. ingyen nyerőgépes játékok We also recommend you to visit the world’s highest artificial lake in Auli. A romantic stroll along the green hill slopes beside lake Another is memorable for couples. One can also take a trip to the nearest Joshimath Temple of Lord Badri. You can visit Auli by road from Delhi in 2 hours.

Hope we have given you enough information about the seven best hill stations near Delhi. We strongly recommend you to visit these places to avoid the high temperatures of the city. Enjoy your trip and cool down a bit.


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