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As you know, how water purifiers and water softeners play a vital role in protecting your health. At the same time, you also need to understand the functioning and other features of the appliance. Indeed, this will help you in choosing a suitable water purification appliance for your family. First, a water purifier and water softener have different purposes. Based on which you can decide what kind of treatment your localities water needs. Second, there are several factors to know about a doctor’s fresh water purifier and match them with your needs.

Working of Water Purifier and Water Softener

Water Purifier

Water Purifiers comprise a simple mechanism of water filtration. The shower water filter system of the water purifier comprises a water path or allows other solvents to pass using a semi-permeable membrane. Next, the semi-permeable membrane will obstruct the dissolved soluble that pollutes the water. Hence, this step will take all the pollutants like pesticides, silt, pesticides, microorganisms, out of water. Further, the purified water is passed into the water storage tank and stored till a user uses it. Now, before the stored water runs out of the faucet, it passes into using the post-filters or a carbon filter. This component will further work on the odor and bad taste of water. Also, the waste or impure water is drained out through the drain line. العاب اندرويد

Water Softener

Water Softeners are known for removing the minerals like magnesium and calcium that make your drinking water hard. Therefore, water softeners work through the process of ion exchange that eliminates such minerals from water. At first, the hard water passes into the mineral tank and it filters using a bed of spherical or rounded resin beads. These are usually plastic beads and made up of polystyrene. Also, the resin beads have a negative charge and are stated as anions. The magnesium and calcium have a positive charge and are stated as cations.

Furthermore, the opposite charges attract so the negative charge will get attracted to the positive charge. In other words, the minerals get attracted to the resin beads. Next, the hard water will pass through the resin beads that clasp the mineral ions and extracts them from the water. Once the mineral ions are seized by the resin beads, the sodium ions will be released. The division of resin beads removes the hardness from the water while water passes through the mineral tank and turns the water soft. العاب سلوتس

Types of Water Purifiers

  • Gravity-Based Water Purifier: This type of water purifier works with the technique of moving water from higher to lower chamber. It traps the dissolved salts and dust particles with ease. It is compact and offers quality storage capacity
  • RO Water Purifier: Reverse Osmosis technology is capable of removing heavy metals like mercury and arsenic. In this type of water purifier, the water is passed through the semipermeable membrane which removes nitrates, dissolved salts, fluoride, and impurities, etc. Additionally, it also treats the water with high TDS levels and purifies the hard water well
  • Ultrafiltration Water Purifiers: This type of water purifier purifies the water with an ultrafiltration membrane. The Ultrafiltration Membrane purifiers comprise larger pores in comparison to RO Membrane filters. This water purifier is capable of treating bacteria and germs in the water
  • Ultraviolet Water Purifiers: Ultraviolet Water Purifiers kill the virus and germs in water with the help of ultraviolet radiation. It kills the harmful microbes in water that can cause fatal diseases like typhoid, and cholera. It avoids the chances of water-borne diseases

Types of Water Softeners

  • Dual Tank Water Softener: Dual tank water softeners are suitable for large families. Also, it is suitable for hard water treatment and where more water is used. كيف ربح المال It has small-sized tanks which are suitable for big families and are budget-friendly
  • Salt-Based Ion Exchange: Salt-Based Ion Exchange operates by cycling the water by using 2 water tanks. One table comprises saltwater/brine and another tank comprises the resin beads
  • Salt-Free Water Softener: This appliance utilizes the substitute of potassium chloride and works exactly like an ion exchange system. It prevents the formation of hard minerals deposits that can damage pipes

Factors To Consider For Buying A Water Purifier

  • Material of Water Storage Tank: The storage tank in water purifiers is available with plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel keeps the formation of germs at bay to a greater extent in comparison to plastic
  • Storage tank Capacity: According to your family size and the water needs of each person, you can consider the size of the storage tank. A large storage tank is suitable for areas with frequent power cuts to assure enough water storage
  • Maintenance cost & Warranty: Water Purifiers come with around a 1-year warranty. Next, they also offer a 6 months warranty for carbon filters or sediment filters. Further, the RO and UV water purifiers demand costly maintenance. While gravity water purifier demands less maintenance cost


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