Editing Guide: Easy Steps on How to Add a Page Number using PDFBear for Free!

Hundreds of users have difficulty modifying and adding their page numbers using the projects or tasks they usually work on. It has been a common problem for people trying to edit using Word or MS pages. Moreover, altering and adding PDF files is when users want to have their work more accessible and convenient tools.

When some individuals are presently working for their articles, magazines, or books, one thing is required. They must extract or add the former pages to place the new page to continue finishing the said project. This process may take longer if you don’t have the right track of tools, to begin with. Here’s the guide on how to use PDFBear’s tools and features.

How to Add a Page Number The Easy Way

There are many tools available on the web, but they don’t provide the best available service. If you’re finding a web-based tool to add page numbers to PDF, PDFBear is the best buddy for that. It only requires a simple and straightforward conversion process to follow to achieve your file’s specification.

Most users experience a lingering and complicated process in placing all the PDF files and documents into a tiny data or book. PDFBear’s Add a Page number tool will help individuals to edit their work more straightforwardly. Plus, the advantage of operating with PDFBear is it can let users positively result from trust when using this tool.

Individuals don’t need to wait that long as this converter tool works quickly but accurately. And there are only four steps and guides to attain a faster and efficient transaction. To add a page, select the PDF file that you want to add the page number with. Then, wait for the upload to finish.

Once done, select the position where you like the page number to place. And press the “Number pages,” and you can now download the modified document. Adding a pager number is the best option to make your work look professionally done and organized more straightforwardly and conveniently.

PDFBear’s Tools and Features: Easy Access

PDFBear does not only add a page number, but users can also turn their documents into different types of file formats. You can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDFA, HTML, and vice versa. Individuals can also alter the other way around. A great feature that not many online converters have.

They also have incredible features such as Splitting, Compressing, Merging, Delete pages, Unlocking and Locking of documents, Repairing corrupted and damaged files, Rotate PDF and many more. PDFBear will be your best companion when it comes to turning your PDF files to match a specific file description when necessary.

Since PDFBear is a web-based tool, users need to download or install additional applications and plug-ins. Using various operating systems is not a problem. Whether you work in Mac, Android, Windows, or even Linux programs. You only need to have a trusted internet service provider to have a smooth conversion process.

On top of that, PDFBear is one of the most accessible online converter tools as it can be accessed to any online browser of choice; Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and many more. As well as using different kinds of devices is not a concern too. This means that you can be accessed anytime and anywhere with PDFBear.

PDFBear has a Sophisticated Security System

It’s crucial to have a platform that values and respects its user’s privacy and safety in all aspects. This is to give the best experience of converting sensitive and confidential information and documents at peace, knowing that you’re on the right track of the tool. PDFBear has this kind of qualification.

PDFBear is SSL encrypted, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This specific technology is a standard connection that extra protects your internet browsers operating between two programs. This also prevents users from getting hacked and scammed, having viruses, malware, and any other online danger from the internet.


PDFBear is the ultimate online converter tool for adding a page number to your PDF file. It provides functional tools and has the best security system that’s guaranteed to protect and secure your documents in the best way possible. Not to mention, PDFBear is free. There is no need to pay and cut your budget as they ensure to help their users.

Moreover, there’s also an option to upgrade to the premium version in which there are more excellent perks and benefits to using. Explore and make use of PDFBear for your future document conversions.


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