How to Engage Your Viewership Through YouTube Comments

Content is the king of YouTube. If your content on the video streaming platform is high quality, you can count on many viewers to be engaged with your videos. But it’s not only the content that’s important, but the way you communicate with your audience is equally crucial. That’s why you can use the YouTube comments section comes in.

Nowadays, more and more users of YouTube content creators have been making use of the comments section in all of their videos to communicate with their audience more effectively. In this post, we’ll discuss why you should consider taking your comments part of YouTube seriously and how to utilize it to increase engagement with your viewers. We’ll also discuss how important it is to manage YouTube comments management. Therefore, with no delay, let’s jump into the water!

Using the feature of pinned comments to give more details, YouTube permits content creators to put a single comment of their preference on every video. In general, content creators use this pin feature to provide more information regarding the video. It can help provide viewers with information about what they can expect from the video. You can also tell the story of the video by using the comment section pinned to your video that will give viewers insight into the video-making process.

The feature of pinned comments is handy, especially in the case of content creators who create lengthy videos. When your content is long, viewers will likely look for a comment pinned by your website before going through the content. By pinned comments, they will get all the pertinent information to the video. When they’ve read the comments, they’ll be able to decide if they’d like to view the video or not.

Include timestamp comments whenever you can.

In both YouTube comments and description sections, you’ll find the option to use a timestamp. It’s possible to use this feature to offer links to users for different parts of a film, as well as their descriptions. If, for instance, you’re discussing various aspects of a single subject in the video, you could utilize the timestamp feature to identify the different elements by forming chapters.

This feature will be an excellent resource for viewers looking for specific information. With the feature’s functionality, users do not need to watch the whole video to find the portion they’re interested in. Users can click the timestamped link and navigate to the part they want within a fraction of one second. how long does it take ivermectin to work

Remind your audiences to respond

Regardless of their opinion, your viewers are taking time from their busy lives to sit down and watch your video. Therefore, irrespective of what they may have to say, you need to be prepared to soak it all in and respond promptly. Naturally, it could be challenging to respond to each comment, especially if there are many comments to your video. However, failing to respond in any way could alienate your viewers.

So, it’s about time you brush up on your YouTube comment management techniques and put them into action. Do not get upset if you come across an online troll who has left negative comments to get it. Be sure to keep a sense of humor within your comments. Keep in mind that the YouTube responses you come up with will be seen not just by the people you have replied to but also by those who view them. Be sure to be respectful and courteous with your words.

Make use of the comments section to enter giveaways.

At present, raffles and giveaways rank among the top sought-after choices for rapidly growing followers across different social media platforms. YouTube is no exception. If your channel isn’t getting enough attention from viewers, it is possible to host giveaways by taking those who post comments as eligible participants.

With giveaways, you can advertise not only your product or service; however, you can also promote the products from brands you’re working with. When all comments have been received, you’ll have a variety of methods to pick the winner. For instance, you can use Google’s random numbers generator to create numbers. For example, if the result is 41, you could select the 41st post at the top of the list as the winner.

Share your comments on videos of others to increase your visibility.

The rapid growth of YouTube has led to every field offering hundreds of hundreds of content creators. Therefore, there are endless options for those interested in the web. But if you’re only getting started, you’ll likely be ignored by viewers who prefer to be watching videos made by the most famous content creators. In this case, don’t be afraid to leave comments on videos posted by well-known YouTubers. ivermectina adultos

Be sure to keep your comments considerate. If you’re trying to promote your channel on a different channel, you must first discuss the video you watched. For example, you might leave a message like, “I enjoyed watching this video. It would be wonderful to have you visit my channel. It’s an appropriate and considerate comment which doesn’t promote your channel just for YouTube shares. Not all viewers will be enticed to check your channel. However, some viewers will be interested to see what you can provide and will look into your channel.

Click these like and dislike buttons.

YouTube likes and dislikes don’t only serve to rate videos; they’re also able to either approve or deny comments. For instance, if you see a comment trying to harass you for no reason, click the dislike button and inform the trolls of what you think of their comments. However, if you notice an appreciation for your work, you can hit that like button. You can also use the ‘love’ react option within YouTube’s comments section. You may click this button when someone truly is impressed by your efforts.

These buttons might indeed appear like they’ll have a significant influence on your channel’s growth. But YouTube’s algorithm considers YouTube likes or dislikes in engagement, and the greater engagement you have in your YouTube channel, the more visible it will appear.

Filter comments to respond to anyone

As we’ve mentioned earlier, when you receive a large number of comments on your videos, it could be difficult for you to keep up with all the responses. But, YouTube provides one feature for content creators which allows them to manage comments on their videos: filters for comments option. With this feature, you can sort comments according to those you’ve responded to as well as those you’re yet to respond to. Going through all comments by hand is a lengthy task. It’s, therefore, more efficient to utilize filters on comments choice to organize comments according to the person you’ve responded to. It is also possible to use this feature to spot inappropriate comments that don’t conform to the YouTube Community Guidelines and report them.

How to handle offensive comments

If you notice an unsuitable post, you can make a complaint at YouTube’s moderators. But, unless the post is reported to several other users, YouTube’s moderators will not attempt to delete the comment. The best solution is to block these comments. To deactivate YouTube comments, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Visit the dashboard of YouTube Studio (the official app for YouTube-based content creators).
  • Then, visit the page ‘Settings.
  • There’s a “Community” option on the left side of the panel. Click it.
  • When the page ‘Community’ opens, you’ll notice the tab ‘Defaults. Click it.
  • There’s a ‘Comments to your Channel’ choice with a drop-down menu below.
  • Click on the drop-down list and select ‘Hold the potentially inappropriate chat messages to be reviewed.’

Disabling comments

When content creators release controversial content, it could be an abundance of inappropriate comments on the videos. There may be fights too, which can cause the comments section to be watched more frequently than the video. If this happens, you could be required to turn off the comments for a specific video. Here’s how to get the job completed:

  • Go to YouTube Studio’s Dashboard to access the Dashboard YouTube Studio.
  • Check the left-hand side, and you will find a tab titled “Videos. Click it.
  • Then, choose the movie in which you would like to disable to have the comments to be removed.
  • YouTube will automatically redirect you to a page that shows the details of the video and its options.
  • From this screen, you can click on the tab that says “More Options.
  • In this tab, you will see a “Comments and Ratings” section.
  • In this section, choose “Disable comment.”
  • Then, click the save option to save the modifications.


We’ve concluded this piece. We hope that you will learn how to utilize the comments section of YouTube better after reading this post. Be assured that putting some effort to manage the comments section can go a long way in establishing your presence with YouTube and connecting to followers. estou amamentando, posso tomar revectina Therefore, put these strategies into action immediately to see results quickly.

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