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Cannabidiol vape juice, which is also called CBD vape oil, is a liquid substance specifically designed to withstand heat and combustion.  Despite the name, vape oil is not an actual oil. Thus, it should not be confused with cannabidiol oil or tinctures, which are explicitly intended for ingestion. There is an invisible distinction between oils, tinctures and vape juices. Tinctures and oils have an oil-base, where CBD oil vape juice is not.

Below is a list of cannabidiol based products that can be vaped:

  • Vape juice– Vape juice has the ingredients PG, VG alongside the CBD extract, other terpenes and cannabinoids. This makes it safe to inhale.
  • Cartridges– These are slender tanks that are filled with cannabidiol vape juice. These cartridges disposable and are often used by users who are under time constraints. Cartridges has uncontaminated cannabidiol distillate. This is made with a solvent-based extraction method. The cartridge is connected to a battery for convenience and easy use.
  • Strains – The cannabis flower is one of the greatest authentic source of cannabidiol. It contains concentrated amounts of the compound and is typically found in high-quality strains. These strains provide approximately 150-250 mg of cannabidiol in each gram. This compound can be purchased and vaporised using a vaporiser (vape pen)

These products can be found at an affordable price in online speciality or pharmacy stores. These platforms also stock different strength and spectrum variations which make them an excellent source of vaping products.

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CBD Oil Vape Use Paired with Distinct Benefits

Unlike other consumption methods such as ingestion which have low bioavailability rates, vaping has excellent rates. This means that the amount of the substance you are consuming is the amount that enters your bloodstream, whereas, with other methods, the amounts are reduced.

Studies show that vaping has a bioavailability of 70%, which is far higher than both smoking and oral ingestion. Oral consumption has a bioavailability rate of just 6-20%. Vaping the best CBD vape oil delivers high concentrated amounts of CBD into the body, leading to more therapeutic value being gained.

Other uses/benefits associated with CBD oil vape juice use:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects

The cannabidiol compound is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which alleviate ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, cerebral ischemia, and more. Using the vaping delivery method ensures that patients receive concentrated amounts of the compound more efficiently.

  1. Anxiety symptom reduction

CBD can alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms through its relaxation and mood-regulating effects. Vaping the best CBD vape oil is the fastest and most effective method of absorbing cannabidiol potentials.

  1. Pain relief

This effect is directly linked to the compounds ability to reduce inflammation and induce relaxation. Inflammation is reduced when relaxation is induced to stretched muscles, hence relieving light, moderate or chronic pain, and various bodily aches. Vaping allows both these effects to be combined and delivered to the user instantaneously.

Prescribed Dosing for Maximum Benefit Extraction

Prescribed dosage guidelines are a set of rules that is paired with any treatment use. They help us safely administer medicines in a way that allows the body to extract therapeutic benefits from active compounds in the treatment. Although most synthetic, chemical, or naturally based medication comes with recommended/prescribed dosages, cannabidiol based products do not.

A cannabidiol dose is based on a range of factors such as the condition or symptoms being treated, BMI, tolerance and more. Also, users have metabolisms and endocannabinoid systems that are slightly different from one another. Since the cannabidiol compound works directly with the endocannabinoid system, each cannabidiol user’s results are unique.

To find the perfect dosage schedule that works for for you is to follow the common recommendation, ‘start low, go slow’. This is a common practice used when a therapeutic compound does not have a recommended starting dose. For example, the compound should be started on a dose of 1-2mg every 6 hours. Gradually increase the dose by 5mg every couple of days and pay careful attention to the response or feeling being experienced after each increase.

Feelings of wellness will only be noticeable after a few days, so users must note their perfect dose. According to experts, the average dose taken by a cannabidiol vaper takes approximately 10-30mg per day. Severe conditions such as inflammation and pain command higher usage, usually doses of 200mg to 1000 mg daily.

Side Effects Associated with CBD Oil Vape Use

Because CBD is a naturally derived product, and vaping is a non-invasive delivery method, users assume that the CBD oil for vape has no side effects. Thus, the side effect aspect of treatment is ignored. However, it is vital that we identify and understand them before we start any treatment plan.

The research into CBD side effects is still in its early stages, however, there are a few studies that gave experts a comprehensive look into side effects. Studies concluded that the most common side effect is subtle sleepiness. This side effect was most prevalent in those who took cannabidiol for the first-time and subsided with consistent use.

Many experts consider this a secondary therapeutic effect rather than a negative side effect because it can help treat consumers with sleep deprivation or insomnia. Further studies found that that this effect can be more concentrated if consumers take larger cannabidiol doses. Thus, the side effect turned into a benefit that patients with sleep issues intentionally induce.

Adverse effects that users experience include:

  • Headache
  • Red eyes
  • Hunger

Compared to traditional medications, these side effects are not so severe and can be managed.

Can Vaping CBD Oil Cause Intoxication?

The cannabidiol compound itself does not have any intoxicating effects, which means it cannot induce euphoria or cause a user to become ‘high’. Most CBD oil for vape is extracted from organic hemp, which contains a negligible THC amount of (0.3%). This cannot induce the hallucinatory effects needed to cause a high. THC is a cannabinoid compound that is present in the cannabis plant that has hallucinogenic properties.

There are pure CBD E-liquids for those who are anxious about mandatory drug tests. Although the cannabidiol compound can alter one’s mood and provide a deep sense of relaxation and calm, it does not alter sensory perception or cause euphoria, as THC does. Therefore, it is safe to use it almost everywhere at any time.


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