Labouchere sports betting strategy

It can be the perfect defense mechanism for your bank. The classic strategy does not care about losses, but the reverse strategy also takes into account failures. In this article, we will analyze the Labouchere system and look at the method of managing the game bank.

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How did the system appear?

The author of this strategy is an English politician and writer with French roots, Henry Labouchere.

During his student years, this writer and politician gambled on horse races and played casinos. Over time, Labouchere decided that it is possible to improve the efficiency of betting through a specific strategy.

As a result, Henry came up with a mathematical system that can be used at the gaming table in casinos and in sports betting.

Classical system

Firstly, determine the desired net profit. Then divide that amount by a series of numbers. There is no clear rule on how to do the separation. The main thing is that all the numbers from the series in the sum should give the desired profit.

For example, you are planning to make a profit by $ 100. Divide this number into five equal parts of $ 20 each.

Take two numbers from the row – the first and the last. Bet on the sum of these two numbers at odds of 2.00.

In case of a loss, add the sum of the first and last numbers to the end of the row. It turns out 20, 20, 20, 20, 40.

If you win, then the first and the last numbers from the row should be crossed out. Remains 20, 20, 20.

Your task when placing bets on this system is to cross out the entire row of numbers. If you enter, remove two numbers from the row, and if you fail, add one. But with each loss, the size of the next bet increases.

Reversible system

If you lose, then the first and the last numbers from the row should be crossed out, and if you win, add the bet amount to the end of the row. In the classical system, you define the desired profit, and in the reverse system, the amount that you can afford to lose. You also choose the maximum 1xbet size.

There are two possible outcomes when playing this strategy:

The cycle continues until there will be no numbers left. This means that you have gone into negative territory up to the set limit.

In a streak, you are stopped if the next potential bet exceeds the selected limit.


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