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The USB hub, also called a “USB hub”, allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously to a single USB port. It is the same principle as an electrical power strip. Laptops today are thinner and thinner in terms of connectivity. المراهنة على المباريات For ultra-portable models, which often have only one USB port, the USB hub becomes essential. لعبه bingo Connected to the single USB port allows for the simultaneous use of a mouse, a printer, and an external hard drive.

Keyboard, mouse, printer, charger  Peripherals have multiplied around computers, hence USB hubs. It remains to choose the right one for your computer. here are some ideas for you on how to choose the right one


A regular USB hub receives power from the computer. It is plugged into the computer USB hub. If you connect a power-hungry device with its power supply, such as an external hard drive, the hard drive may not work. That is why there are USB hubs with a power supply that you plug into the mains. These models supply the peripherals with electricity, avoiding at the same time draining the batteries of the laptop. لعبة بوكر اون لاين

Types of ports:

The choice of your USB hub will mainly depend on the types of ports. Before choosing a USB hub, ask yourself which port you will plug into your computer. The black USB 1.0 port is now outdated. It has since been replaced by USB 2.0 (white), USB 3.0 (blue) and USB-C ports.

Several ports:

Some hubs offer more than 10 USB ports but are more expensive. However, this is not useful for regular use.

Design and ergonomics:

USB hubs take very diverse forms, some thin and refined, extravagant, even humorous. Please note: the more ports the hub has, the more cumbersome it is and requires an external power supply, making it less ergonomic.


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