Hands-On: All You Need to Know About the Tissot 1973 Heritage Chronograph

Re-edition is vintage when it comes to reviving design and homage to watches in an interpretation for an experience for the wearer. gaminator hack apk Chronograph watches of the ‘70s were designed differently than the timepieces that came out a decade before that. Those timepieces were a lot colorful and had automatic movements. Not to mention their sizes ranging from 36 to 38mm for chronographs.

It is great to hear that brands like Tissot are reliving the past for the future. The classic watches from their gallery of collections are being revived and it is no mistake to take an impressive back to have another sight of the current day.

The Tissot Heritage 1973 watch is an impressively crafted chronograph, obviously taken from a vintage timepiece. This timepiece is 44mm wide, a big watch compared to the usual watches. In this post, we’ll walk you through the Tissot 1973 Heritage Chronograph and why it deserves a spot in your collection.

What is special about the Tissot Heritage?

There are only a few things that can transport us to a particular place and time. Objects that can feel nostalgic like an heirloom or anything that holds a historic past. A watch, however, may not be particularly an item for the museum but an object that you can carry every time. Coming up are features and details that you should know about the Tissot 1973 Heritage Chronograph.

The Specification

The case is made of Stainless Steel material, the strap is in stylish black leather, while the Lens is created with Sapphire crystal. The Lug Width is 22mm and thickness of 14.8mm, and additional dimensions of 43 x 46.6mm. Tissot Heritage is done with white with black subdials that are water-resistant to 100 meters.

The Size

A slab of steel, its size is emphasized, and amplified by the tonneau case design. If you prefer to make it smaller, a cushion or tonneau case can make a watch that is big in dimension to feel and look smaller. There are wide polished bevels along with the case. The eye-catching shape of this watch makes it more peculiar and likable.

The Quality of the Finishing Work

The brushed elements that compose this watch are very good for a watch that sells at not less than $2,000. This is a good deal, to begin with. The finishing of this timepiece is intentional and very much thought of. The Tissot 1973 Heritage features matching lines of the case, horizontal patterns, and polished elements. The watch was designed by an artist who looks at every angle of the watch.

The Dial

The best feature that the Tissot 1973 Heritage watch is the Panda Dial. The scheme of black and white is a classic and these colors are neutral for any fashion sense. The chronograph hands are painted in orange. The center seconds, small hands in the subdials count the hour and minutes, respectively.

The Tachymeter Scale

Tissot designed their timepieces completing the tachymeter scale in black to contrast the dial. Remember the Panda scheme. The Tachymeter scale is a separate watch part applied directly to the dial as another dimensionality, this gives the timepiece a premium feel to the wearer.

The Wearability

The size that Tissot decided for the 1973 Heritage watch explains the shape of a barrel being conveyed when worn. The thickness that the chronograph mechanism requires of his timepiece may not be for everyone’s taste. 777 gaminator Despite the size and thickness, the 1973 Heritage watch is comfortable to wear. Style your way with this watch and you’re good to go.

The Strap

Tissot 1973 Heritage watch comes with a thick rally strap in black. The comfortable strap wrapped around your wrist is made of good quality with a butterfly clasp. It is not machined to be the same standard as the case of the watch. But for watch users, you can always find ways to customize your timepieces with the right strap you want.


Let us face the fact that you can not fully recover the full specification of the re-editioned timepiece. Reviving the timepieces is great for reliving the good all days for the brands who have introduced the timepiece. They still have to settle with modern standards.

But that is fine because that would only mean that the standards of the past are combined with the present standard. v sport tippmix That would only make the weather even better than best.

The Tissot 1973 Heritage Chronograph watch is fun to have. Stylish wear with neutral colors that brings it all together. Its 70s roots are present when you can see the watch as its own. The feeling of having to crack an old book with ancient knowledge or looking through old photos from a shoebox and all those items you took as a souvenir to remember that day.

That is what it feels like when you have the Tissot 1973 Heritage Chronograph Watch.


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