Headphones with microphone:  headsets adapted to your needs

In open space or confined to the home with children or a spouse who also works remotely – this is the case for many ” coronavirus tele-workers ” – the Headset with a microphone can appear as the miracle equipment for make professional phone calls calmly or isolate yourself from the surrounding hubbub.

It is at the discretion of the company, of course. Still, in the context of the current health crisis, some reimburse their employees for the expenses they incur to equip themselves to work comfortably remotely. The JDN offers you a selection of headsets here: cheap, wireless, for PC, USB. There is something for everyone.

In open space or teleworking, the Headset with a microphone can quickly appear like the ideal solution to make your calls serenely. Discover our selection.

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Bluestork MC201 Bluestork Micro Headset for PC

It is a Headset with a microphone cheap. Connector type 3.5mm jack cable with a 3.5mm double jack adapter for PC.this Item dimensions L x W x H6 x 10 x 15 cm. Product weight  150 grams. which is very easy to carry

DOQAUS wireless BlueTooth headphones

Headset with a wireless microphone.Up to 52 hours.Foldable Hi-Fi Wireless Stereo Headphones. Have 3 EQ modes. It also soft protein ear protectors. It has a Built-in microphone & Wired mode. Support For PC / Phone / TV / Tablet

Logitech G332 Wired Headset

Headset with microphone for pc.Stereo Audio.50 mm transducers.Connector type:  3.5mm Audio Jack.Microphone with Flip-Up Mute.Lightweight, supported PC / Mac / Xbox One / PS4 / Nintendo Switch.actukky it has two clour .Sports mesh Black / Red

Logitech H340 wired headphones

Micro USB headset Stereo headphones with a rotary microphone.it is anti-Parasites.also USB supported .this item for PC / Mac / Laptop .The black colour gives you a gorgeous look.

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