How chemistry is part and parcel of our life?

We are surrounded by air, atmosphere, environment and also with chemical compounds. We use many chemical compounds in our day to day activities. All the eatables, cosmetics, oils, the air we breathe comprise chemical compounds that are needed by our health and body. Some might be harmful to us and some are very essential to us. The biological process and functions taking places in our body have many compounds. In this manner, we are completely surrounded by chemistry and we use it in our daily life.

In food

  • Food colouring: A chemical or natural substance that is added to enhance or alter the colour of food. These chemicals are used to make the food attractive. Example Tartrazine
  • Preservatives: These are the chemicals which are used to prevent the spoilage of food by stopping the growth of microorganisms in the food. Example sodium benzoate, sodium metabisulphite etc.
  • Sweetening agents: These are the chemicals added to alcoholic beverages, pickles for fermenting organisms which play a vital role in making these food organisms. Example Saccharin.

In medical field

Drugs: The medicines which we use are made of chemicals that are suitable to fight against the specific disease. The medicine attacks a person’s central nervous system and helps him to cure the disease. donde comprar ivermectina 6 mg Example: Milk of magnesia is used to evacuate the bowels during surgery.

In Cleansing agents

Toothpaste: Chemicals are present in the paste that cleanses and shines our teeth and fights them from germs. Chemicals like Fluoride, Triclosan, etc are used in toothpaste.

Soap/Detergent: Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of carboxylic acid such as fatty acids Example Sodium stearate. Detergents are the long chain of alkyl groups. ivermectin dosage for foals Example Sodium alkyl sulphates. Example: Soda ash is mainly used as a cleansing agent for various domestic chores such as the washing of clothes.


Cosmetics are the products that widely contain products like creams, oils, moisturiser and so on. The cosmetics products contain compounds like polymers, oils, artificial colouring etc.

In Agriculture

Agriculture is the main cause of our survival. For a good yield of the crop, we use fertilizers and insecticide to develop the fertility of the soil and protect crops from pests, rats, and other harmful animals. Fertilizers and insecticides are made up of chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, naphthalene, potassium, sodium etc which are harmful to our body.

In biological functions

Our body is made of many elements like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium and many more. Other than elements there are many compounds like glucose, fructose, Hemoglobin etc which are the major constituents of our body. doxycycline and ivermectin interaction These help in the proper functioning of our body as these elements get attached to each other and help in the process of digestion, Excretion, and pumping of blood.


Thus, our daily activities are filled with chemistry and its compounds, These have become part and parcel of our life. Environmental issues emerging currently like pollution, global warming, climate change and the production of harmful chemicals can be reduced by minimal and judicious use of these chemicals. Effective and good use of chemistry is the need of this modern technological world.


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